Saturday, August 14, 2010


So, on Thursday, my last day before returning to work, I went to the local antique mall to look around.  Most of the stuff in this place is insanely overpriced and I almost never buy anything.  But, they have some of the most amazing things in there.

Mick's recent blog post about his quest to piece together a Primary color Pyrex refrigerator dish set had me thinking that a Primary set would be great to go along with my Primary mixing bowls, which have been in my family since the late 40's, from what I have gathered from my grandma and great aunt.

I had found a complete set of them in what looked to be very nice condition in an antique store in a nearby town last Saturday for the price of $40.  I wasn't sure if that was a decent price or not, but after doing some research on complete sets, I believe that is at the lower end of the price range.

Anyway, I was combing through the overpriced antique store here in town Thursday, and walked into one of the three booths that a guy I know has set up.  The first thing that I noticed was the "15% Off Anything over $20" sign.  Hmm...he has a lot of neat things in his booth.  Lots of Jadeite, Frankoma dinner set, some great antique vases, a bunch of vintage aluminum beverage ware, antique radios, old name it, he probably had it.  Then I saw it.  A complete set.  All with lids.  And on sale!

It's not the Primary color set, but who could pass up this amazing set of turquoise Pyrex refrigerator dishes?  The large piece has a chip in the part of the lid that fits down inside the bowl, but when the lid is on, you can't see it.  Since it was on sale, I managed to get it for just over $30.  Not the usual bargains that I find and share, but still I feel like I got a decent deal!  And the turquoise color?  Well, it sure puts a smile on my face!


  1. Wow, nice!

    I have yet to get much pyrex. I just want vintage glass things in my fridge, because I always remember the sound of glass clinking together every time I opened our fridge as a kid. =)

  2. Lovely! You should join the Pyrex Collective...

  3. That is an AMAZING deal! yes I was screaming that! Those usually go for 90-125$ easily.

    Good job! :)

    Turquoise will be delightful in your atomic decor!

  4. Considering you got 8 separate pieces of pyrex for that price, I think you got a great deal. Great way to end your summer vacation.

  5. beautiful set! i think that a great price.

  6. I bet it put a smile on your face!!! WOW what a set, i'd seen this in pictures but I thought people had just messed with the colors. Haha now iv got something else to collect. :)


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