Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pyrex Week, Day 4 - Odds and Ends

Today I'm sharing everything that I haven't already shared this week.  Mostly they are pieces that don't really match anything else that I have.  I guess you could say that they are orphans!

A small 1 1/2 pint mixing bowl in Butterfly Gold.  This is one of the pieces that I forgot I had until I found it when I was getting the other pieces out for this week.  It's in good shape, but it isn't my favorite pattern.

A 473 - B casserole dish in Woodland pattern.  This one didn't come with a lid.  A newer piece as it is marked microwave safe on the bottom.  Another piece that is in good shape, but not my favorite pattern.

Imagine my surprise when I realized what I originally thought (when I bought it) was a small casserole dish was actually a yellow refrigerator dish from the Primary color set.  Piece number 503.  Unfortunately it has a chip in one of the handles, but otherwise the finish is in good vintage condition.  Just normal small nicks in the yellow finish.  This one is also missing it's lid.

6 Pyrex plates with a Lime Green? rim.  Two of them are larger, my guess would be that they are salad plates, with the other four plates a smaller size that I would imagine were intended to be dessert plates.  The salad plates look like they have been used in the dishwasher as the finish is dull and the small plates shine.  Stamped on the back "Made in U.S.A. Pyrex."

Two carafes with gold designs.  The piece on the left has starbursts, not sure what the piece on the right is.  I think that I have shared these in the past.

Finally, I have this little Pyrex piece with a chrome lid.  I have no idea what it is for, but my guess would be to place it as a piece that would have been used in a doctor's office for something like cotton swabs.  Can anybody provide any more information on this piece?

This wraps up Pyrex week.  Thanks for sticking with me this week.  I have never tried a whole theme week before, and so I though I would give it a shot.  Come back tomorrow for Movie Friday!


  1. Yeah, that last one looks like lab glass to me (Pyrex is famous for it).

  2. Isnt it just a tiny bit unfair that the fridgies arent oven safe? When Vonlip sent me they yellow one I thought 'there are a million things I could bake in this!' *flips over* Aww no oven safe mark! Well, im not gonna risk it :/ I really enjoyed enjoyed Pyrex week hope this first week of school wasnt to tough! :)

  3. I still miss my beautiful Modern Kitchen bowl(that hubby accidently broke) and have been unable to find another. I just sold my pink/white Gooseberry set--I just have too much! Can you imagine? Too much Pyrex!

  4. Love those plates! Just 'found' a lime green casserole like your yellow....and no lid either.

  5. this looks like those jars that doctors used to use a long time ago to put this tongue depressors is, but that's just my guess??

    love your pyrex dishes. we had them all when i was a kid, my mom did. she used to cook great meatloaf in the them.

  6. Enjoyed Pyrex week very much. Now, all I can think of is macaroni and cheese in a Pyrex cassarole dish.


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