Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Glasbake / Fire King Week, Day 2: Fire King

As I said yesterday, I don't have any information to identify patterns for Fire King of Glasbake, so please forgive me.  I picked up this set of three blue / yellow gold Candleglow patterned Fire King baking dishes at an estate auction almost 2 years ago now.  I believe that I gave $5 for the set, but it's been a while.  I do know that they were cheap!  The sale was at a little broken-down house that the woman had lived in all her life - and it was in almost untouched condition, except that no maintenance had been done, so I think that the condition of the house might have kept people away.  There were a lot of great finds at this sale!

I picked up these two Cornflower Blue Fire King baking dishes at that auction that I attended last Saturday.  I picked up both pieces for only $5.

This dish is the same size as the center dish in the first photo.  One thing that I have noticed on Fire King / Anchor Hocking is that their manufacturing process could be a little sloppy when the designs were applied.  I had an Anchor Hocking loaf pan one time that the design was way off center, and the design on the back of this piece is centered, but it is crooked.  I appreciate that I can get a couple of Fire King pattern names from the Pyrex Love website.  The pattern of the above piece is Meadow Green.

Was Fire King cheaper than Pyrex?  I have yet to come across any Pyrex with such poor attention to detail.

Finally, who wouldn't want to eat up the pie baked in this pie plate?  How else are you going to be able to see the great design?  This is the only clear piece of Fire King that I have in my collection.


  1. I love Candleglow but it's hard to find with lids plus the pattern is notorious for fading. I have several pieces with the Philbe design and think it's so elegant--most of mine are in Sapphire Blue but I like the clear too. Wonder if the design gets impressed into the pie crust???

  2. It doesn't - it's on the underside.

    My FK Philbe sapphire blue pie plate was broken in the cabinet and nobody will confess to having done the deed.

  3. I do believe that FireKing was cheaper than Pyrex.

    At least they didn't have the quality control that Pyrex had, because we don't see a lot of Pyrex with wonky designs...

    I see a lot of crroked,wonky designs on Fireking. It might be because of the difference in materials.

  4. Love that Cornflower Blue Fireking! Those pie plate are iconic...eh?

  5. Oh I really like the second one, the Fireking Glas bake ones. Zootsuitmama


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