Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Boxes... all that I brought home from the estate sale I attended yesterday.

But, two boxes can hide a lot of things!  Let's take a look!

Pyrex!  A big 2 1/2 quart Number 045 Snowflake Blue casserole dish with the matching lid.  Not a flaw on it, that I have found.  I love picking up new Pyrex pieces in patterns that I don't have yet.  I was attracted to this auction because they listed it as having Pyrex, so I drove a half hour to go to it.  This casserole was all the Pyrex they had beside some newer clear pieces.  I felt a little let down.  Anyway, snatched this huge casserole up for $7.

A little about the sale.  It was held inside the American Legion Hall in the little town that I teach in.  I had never been to a sale conducted by this auctioneer before, and I don't plan to ever go to one again.  It was unusual in that at every estate auction that I attend, the people stand and go along the different tables of items to be sold.  This sale had everyone sitting in chairs to bid on items as they were held up.  This didn't bother me, I just sat by one of my coworkers and we chatted quietly while we waited for items we were interested in to come up for sale.  What did bother me was the way that the auctioneer jumped around the sale.  I think he had auctioneer ADHD.  He would sell some of the glassware, and just when he was getting close to an item that I was interested in, he would move halfway around the room and sell some furniture, a quilt or two, and then go back to the small stuff.  There were items that were on the front table of stuff that he announced would be the first things to sell, and once the table was cleared he would sell some furniture while the auction workers moved items from other tables up to the main table to sell.  I don't have a problem with that, as long as you do it.  The problem is that he didn't do what he said he would do.  There were some items on each end of the table that hadn't sold yet when he moved on.  They ended up selling the items that I wanted (which were on the first sale table) at almost the end of the sale.  I had to leave, so I left a bid with my coworker so that I could get to a family activity in the afternoon.  She did get those items for me, and I'll share them next week sometime after I get them.  Another thing that turned me off of this auctioneer was that he yelled at everyone for talking because he couldn't hear.  He wasn't even nice about it.  He could have said something like, "I would appreciate it if there was not so much noise as I am having a hard time hearing the buyers."  That's not how he handled it.  Let's just say that when I am there to buy items which will net the auctioneer a commission, I expect some manners.  I left after he yelled at everyone.

Anyway, on to the rest of my finds:

A Marcrest Daisy Dot pattern cookie jar.  This is ovenproof stoneware, although why anyone would want to put a cookie jar in the oven beats me...  This piece is also in pristine condition.  I picked it up for the same price as the Pyrex - $7. (This and the Pyrex account for half of the money I spent yesterday).

A souvenir Missouri wall hanging plate.

15 gold wheat pattern glasses and one matching juice glass.  $2 for the set.

Fun little lidded dish.  Sugar bowl?  I'm not sure.  $1.

A couple of Fire King mugs (I love these!) and a mug with kitchen utensils on it.  The utensil mug looks like a Pyrex-type material, but there is no manufacturer marking on the bottom.  $1 for the mugs.  Also picked up a Jadite square shaped cup which I believe is Fire King's Charm design.  $2.

A bunch of stuff that I have put in the box of items to be donated to the thrift store the next time I go there.

There are a few things that I did not share today that I will share this week.  Since last week was Pyrex Week, I had a request from Maria to make this week Glasbake Week.  Well, I don't have enough Glasbake to last an entire week, so this week will be a combination of Glasbake and Fire King Week (and any other interesting bakeware that fits in with the theme)!  So, I better get busy going through the kitchen cabinets to get everything pulled out so I can take pictures!

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Yeah, several of the auctions I've been to are like that--I think they do it to keep you there. One time I wanted a beautiful piece of glass and the darn auctioneer kept it right in front of him for what seemed like hours--he'd put his hand on it like he was going to auction it and then go to something else. Believe me, it was torture having to sit through coins and guns just to wait him out. BUT I GOT IT!! I'm in the process of completing a Snowflake Blue mixing bowl set but they're not too plentiful down here and too expensive on eBay. So of course I love your casserole and you got a great deal on it. I collect those Fire King mugs too! We certainly have similar tastes!

  2. Yes, auctions can be a 'killer' that way! But what good deals and finds you got. Love that square jadite cup.

  3. I like that Missouri plate, and those coffee cups. Hey, it was nice of you to send Mick some get-well Pyrex -- if you wanted that to be a secret good deed, he spilled the beans.

  4. Jabacue - don't get me wrong, I love auctions and have been going to them on my own since I was 13 or so - here in my town, they're as much of a social event as a purchasing event. This auctioneer was just nuts.

    JKaye - I wasn't surprised to see the Pyrex on Mick's blog...I was a little surprised that I could read the letter! :)

  5. Nobody's complimented your Marcrest, so I will. I love that line. :)


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