Friday, August 13, 2010

Movie Friday: Little Heroes

Today's movie is a touching story of a little girl from a poor family and her dog.

The following plot summary comes from IMDb:

"A girl named Charley Wilson and her loyal dog named "Fuzz" are 2 best friends. Charley is anxoius to make new friends. She and Fuzz are befriended by Alonzo, a gruff old farmer. Another girl named Carol Evans befriends her and then Charley is coldly rejected by Carol's wealthy, prejudiced mother. Charley has another friend named Fritz and they play sometimes and have fun. Finally, Charley is invited to Carol's birthday party and on the day of Carol's party, Charley goes to she store and Carol's mother is in there, Charley tells the butcher she is going to Carol's party and Carol's mother overhears. She tells Charley she would not fit in with the others and to not come, Charley felt awful. Then, Alonzo is in serious trouble when a bailor cuts his thumb off and Charley and Fuzz make a rescue test of life and death for their love for Alonzo. Written by mountain91"

The movie is much better than the above plot makes it sound.  Normally I like to provide information from Wikipedia on the movies that I share as they have better written and more in-depth information.  However, I was unable to find this movie in Wikipedia.

The movie was a low-budget film from 1992.  You can view the IMDb page for the movie here.  I personally think that the user rating for the movie is a little low.  It wasn't a big budget film, and it shows, but it is still a great story.

Have a great Friday.  It's my first day back to work for the new school year, and somehow I can't get over the fact that teachers have to be back on Friday the 13th!

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