Monday, August 23, 2010

Glasbake / Fire King Week!

After having Pyrex Week all last week, I had a request from Maria from over at Shallow Thoughts from Iowa to have a Glasbake Week.  Well, I don't really have very much Glasbake, so this week will be a combination Glasbake and Fire King Week. (Maybe a surprise from yet another company as well :P)

I'll start the week with Glasbake though.  Today I have two divided dishes to share.  The one above has pinkish floral stems on it, with the printing on both sides of the dish.  I have not yet discovered a good website for identification of either Glasbake or Fire King patterns, so if you know of one, would you kindly post it in the comments section?  Thanks!

Second is this gray and light blue starburst pattern divided dish.  The light blue is really hard to see.  This piece is unmarked Glasbake, but you can tell exactly what it is when you sit it next to the pink floral piece.  The printed design is only one side of this piece.

I need another divided dish like I need another hole in my head.  I don't use the ones that I have, and I have only picked up the ones that I have because I liked the patterns!

Have a great Monday!


  1. Somebody needs to write a book on Glasbake.

  2. Oh gosh, I'd use them on holidays and show off a bowl of vintage ornaments, or Halloween candy or put fresh fruit in them or a collection of vintage matchbooks or guest soaps in the bathroom or displayed on kitchen shelves etc etc.

    If you have a collection you love, be proud and think up clever ways to share and show it off in your house! =)

  3. There are some good books out on FireKing bakeware--I have won called FireKing and more that I think is by the Florences but they don't show ALL the patterns. As for poor ole Glasbake, not too much. I too have too many divided casseroles that I bought because of the cool patterns!


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