Friday, August 20, 2010

Movie Friday: That Touch of Mink

This fun 1962 film, starring Doris Day and Cary Grant along with Audrey Meadows and Gig Young follows in the tradition of other Day films, such as Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.

The film brought Grant back into the spotlight but seemed to have a somewhat opposite effect on Day. 

Some fun facts about the film:

* This was Grant's 69th film.
* Day was paid $750,000 for her role as Kathy Timberlake
* Grant was paid $600,000 plus a percentage for his role as Philip Shane
* This was the first film to break over $1,000,000 at a single theater, which was Radio City Music Hall in New York.

For more information on this film, and other films in which Doris Day starred, please visit The Films of Doris Day.

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