Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cat Tail

One of the things that I picked up last week at one of the estate auctions that I attended was a large serving bowl made by Universal Cambridge Potteries for Sears Roebuck and Co. in the Cat Tail pattern.  It was a good deal at $2, even with a small chip in the rim.  I love the pattern.  So, now there's something else to keep my eye out for at estate auctions (only if it's cheap!).  I used it last night as a mixing bowl to mix up some brownies, which I baked in my new 8 inch lime green Pyrex baker that I got at the same estate sale.

I checked eBay for other items in this pattern, and I'll have to say that there is quite an assortment.  Does anybody know when these were made?  If I were to make a guess based on the shape of the different pieces, I would guess 1940s.

Here's some pieces from eBay:

Please note that I am not in any way affiliated with the sellers of these items, and I do not receive any financial gain for sharing them with you.


  1. First of all, did I miss a giveaway whilst hiding from the world?! I have a water pitcher in that cat tail pattern and I LOVE it. I would also say it's from the 40's or 50's.

  2. Christine! Welcome back! I've missed you! Yes, you missed my giveaway. Don't worry, though! When I hit 100 followers I'll do another one. I just need 11 more people. I did just need 10, but I think someone got upset when they didn't win the giveaway, so now I need 11. :)

  3. I'll keep an eye out for ya! I really like that pattern I googled it and somewher ein the search saw the year "1952"? So maybe it was then? Im pretty sure all my grandmas dishes at the lake are Cambridge too.

  4. I have Tipp City shakers with Cat Tails on them similar to this. I like this dishware too! Will definitely keep an eye open for this.


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