Monday, October 18, 2010

What a Weekend...

I found absolutely nothing vintage this weekend.  Oh well.  How about an update on what's going on here on the loop?  Saturday morning I set out to go to some garage sales.  I pulled up to one and the lady running the sale didn't like the way I parked and asked me to move, so I did, to which she told me I moved the car too much.  I told her that I would just leave, and I did.

I took the Pyrex bowl that I got through the eBay mix up to the post office...and still haven't been paid for the return shipping.  I'll give her another 24 hours then I'm going to contact the seller, and then talk to eBay.  I doubt if I get anywhere, but I'll give her a headache to deal with if nothing else.  All I want is what I bought and to be refunded for having to pay for the return shipping on an item that I didn't order.

Mom and Dad went to visit Mom's sister and her husband in Kansas City, so I got to dog sit for them.  Their dog has really taken a liking to me in the past few months...they've had him almost 7 years now.  He's always been friendly, but lately he acts like he's my dog...and he doesn't live with me.

An elderly neighbor from down the street came by while I was cleaning out the planter box Saturday afternoon.  He is hard of hearing and likes to talk loud.  He also likes to gossip about my neighbors...loudly.  I felt like I was trapped.  I hope none of the neighbors heard him.

Saturday evening I went out to dinner with my grandma.  She turned 90 this summer.  She's quite the amazing lady.

Sunday morning brought church and Sunday School.  After church I went home and took a nap.

Sunday evening when Mom and Dad got home we all went over to my sister's house for family dinner.  When I got back to the loop, there were two cop cars in front of my house - one of which was blocking my driveway.  (I really don't like turning the corner onto my block and finding cop cars in front of my house.  It brings back memories of coming home from Grandma and Granddad's when I was little to find flashing lights close to my parents house...the house 2 doors down had burnt down.)  I had no place to park, so I drove through the ditch (it's really shallow) and parked the car in the yard right in front of my door.  There was some type of domestic dispute going on at the house across the street.  It's a rental and the owner is a friend of mine that lives out of state.  I sent them a text to let them know that something was up, then settled in to watch the show.  Lots of cussing and door slamming.  About 45 minutes of packing stuff up in the house and loading it into one of the many vehicles that were there (I counted 5).  Then 3 of the cars left and the cops left and all was quiet.

Who says that life in a small town is quiet and boring?

Have a great Monday!


  1. small towns have the most excitement! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. i hope the Ebay thing gets sorted soon.

  2. Next door, before he divorced, let's just say his wife was a PITA from the day they moved in there. I'll skip all the annoying and crabby things she did and said, but the day he divorced her (it was about time), she came home from court, slammed her car into the garage, went inside the house, I heard breaking glass, then she hauled furniture out back and started to throw it in the pool! Yee haw! That was one unhappy woman!

    Cops came, they handcuffed her, and had to carry her out because she was so intoxicated. Husband had the locks changed on all the doors, and got full custody of their young son.

    Wow, not sure what went on, but after she nagged for 10 years, it was quite a show and I was glad she was forced out!

  3. WOW! Big doings! I was able to visit a couple towns about 2-3 hours away and came home with some treasure from antique malls. Good weekend!

    Glad you were able to enjoy a good show.

  4. Awww, I'm jealous. Our neighbor USED to get drunk and then he and his wife would yell at each other but that doesn't happen any more. I'd like to kill the neighbor on the other side due to his constantly yapping dogs, though. Unfortunately we live outside the city limits and can't do anything about it. I don't miss having a street full of neighbors--the ones we do have are quite enough!


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