Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uh oh...Possible First eBay Problem...

I've never had a single issue with purchases on eBay.  I'm talking over 10 years of buying on there...no problems...until now.  I purchased a Pyrex bowl, and the seller sent me the wrong one.  Hopefully the seller didn't ship my bowl to someone else.  Is it wrong for me to ask the seller to pay for the return shipping?  I don't think so, since it was their mistake.  To be fair...the bowl that I received was the same color...only it was advertised as a 1 1/2 pint, and I received a 1 1/2 quart, which was listed in a separate auction.  Guess we'll see how this plays out.  Oh well, I have 165 successful purchases...it had to happen at some point.  Anyway, I just emailed the seller.  I am upbeat that everything will be fine.


  1. I did that to someone this summer. :) Your seller will be deeply embarrassed and will make it right, don't worry. I'd suggest you ask the seller for a return mail label to ship it back to the seller. If you want to be super nice, offer to make it a mail label to the correct person and maybe the other person will do the same.

    I refunded both my buyers because they had to wait so long for it all to be straightened out, but I don't think everybody does that.

  2. I'm not in any rush to get the bowl, just hoping to get the right bowl and get it straightened out. I'm sure that everything will be fine though. I would imagine that most sellers have a story like this. :)

  3. I don't think you're being unreasonable at all. I hope you'll post a photo when the right one arrives. I have done a lot of buying on eBay and the only time it didn't go well it was pretty much my fault! I missed out on a great piece of Pyrex a couple weeks ago at an antique show. Good price but I 'had to think about it'. Yep, when I went back it was gone. We only regret what we DON'T buy! Ha Ha! I did get some terrific Shiny Brites though!


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