Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Small Town Responds To Unwanted Guests

I know most (if not all) of my readers have heard about the disgusting acts of a church congregation from Topeka, Kansas.  They picket and protest the funerals of fallen soldiers.  Yesterday, we had a funeral in our town for a soldier who died in Iraq.  The disgusting church, which I will not name here as I don't want people to find my blog when they search for the church (please do not name them in your comments, either), jumped in and made arrangements to protest at the funeral.  Now, I don't know how many of my fellow readers are fortunate enough to live in a small town, but they are the most wonderful places.  The townspeople, upon discovering the funeral would be picketed, immediately organized themselves.  Many thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders who helped with this event.

I would estimate that somewhere between 1500 and 2000 people showed up in support of the family.  Many people came in from neighboring towns.  The whole goal was to block the protesters from the view of the family.  The townspeople were incredibly successful, with many thanks to the city.  The city assigned them to an area where the funeral home could be seen, but where they could be blocked by other people.  The city also only allowed them a protest permit for the minimum amount allowable under law, 45 minutes.  They could start and 12:15 and must be finished and gone by 1:00, which is the time that the funeral began.  I can tell you, from the funeral home, all views of these disgusting people were blocked, and the family did not see them.

I also love the fact that the restaurants and other businesses in town refused service to them, and from what I have heard, the local motels refused to allow them rooms when they called.  There were signs that read "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" all over town.

My heart swells with pride for the way that the town stood up to these people.  There were police everywhere, and the state police were in town as well.  The people came, did their protest in vain, and left.  The following pictures do no justice to the sheer number of people lining the streets along the funeral home (I'm not a great photographer, and all I had with me was my cell phone camera).

God bless our troops.  God bless America.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Somehow, this video seems fitting today.


  1. On my friends chat board, we have a Biker forum, and a lot of the guys are Patriot Guards. They have been telling us stories and showing photos of the soldiers funerals they often go to, to give honor and keep this 'group' from being seen and heard.

    Freedom of speech is one thing, but abuse of that freedom is another. There is a movement under way to limit the distance a "protest group" can get to a cemetery. I hope they pass that law!

  2. I haven't been able to visit your blog much recently due to taking a full-time job, but I am glad I stopped by today to see this post. Your photos are very good. This group has "visited" in our state as well, and the Patriot Guard Riders and others have served as blockades to their hate. We need to salute and support our soldiers and their families in life as well as in times of loss. These people make a tremendous sacrifice for us all. Thanks, Michael, for taking the time to photograph and write about what your town did for this fallen hero.

  3. I live in a town just north of you and heard about the protesters at a political rally yesterday afternoon. Had I known earlier, we would have been in your town to help block those horrible people. I'm so proud of your town for refusing to serve them and doing your best to make them feel unwelcome. I was also very glad to hear that on the news we watched last night, no mention was made of the protesters. Those people deserve no recognition for their acts. God bless the family of the fallen soldier.

  4. This makes me heart swell with happiness!That church is disgusting!Yeah for small towns give them the cold shoulder they do rightfully deserve!

  5. How wonderful!!!! I applaude this town. Makes me feel good to live in America. My Dad was a WWII veteran and I thank him and ALL men AND women who are in the military that fight for the freedoms we have. Here where I live there was just a funeral for a Fallen Soldier. The Nutty Protesters were there, BUT had to be so many feet away which made them were they were, unable to see OR be heard. If these FLAKES don't like it here, I will personally escort them to the edge of the EARTH and give them a shove. Thank you for this blog and letting us all know about what a wonderful Town this is!!! Proud to be an American!

  6. I haven't heard about this as I'm in the UK and fortunately although we have people protesting against war here which is fine, no one attends funerals to protest! How disgusting!

    Anyway, well done to your town for showing them how to show respect for a fellow human being

  7. This touched me to see the care for this family. Thank goodness they were protected from these hate mongers. My daughter's beloved boyfriend is deployed in the Middle East with the Marines as is his brother and we are very sensitive to how these families are treated. Why don't they spend their energy for good instead of hate. I don't understand it at all.


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