Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ups and Downs

Finally received the last piece to my Delphite mixing bowl set.  The little 1 1/2 pint bowl is the one that has caused all of my eBay frustration recently.  Whatever happens with finishing getting the mix up resolved, the completed set looks great.

I really like the way that the blue looks with that yellow tablecloth. 

Then, I had a bit of a heartbreak yesterday.  I was so excited about the Primary Pyrex mixing bowl set that I bought last week on eBay.  It was a great deal.  Shipping was the same price as I have paid for other mixing bowl sets on eBay.  Still, well, just look...

The green and yellow were crushed into mosaic pieces.  The blue and red bowl look great.  The biggest heart breaker?  The set was one of the original sets, marked without any numbers on the bottom.  Sigh.  It would have been great...still haven't heard from the seller as to what can be done to resolve the issue.  I did finally hear from the seller of the bowl mix-up last night.  I'm not getting my hopes up, but I think that I may get my return shipping money back. 

Have a great Wednesday! 

Happy 67th birthday, Dad!


  1. Michael, you've mentioned shipping costs on eBay listings before, and I'd like to suggest something to you: If the quoted shipping is suspiciously low, check on how they plan to ship the piece. If they skimp, you can see what happens.

    Do an ASQ about how they plan to pack the pieces and by what shipping method they will send them. Sometimes it's worth negotiating the shipping cost up a little if it means a better chance of the piece arriving safely.

  2. Thanks Maria, but the shipping cost on those bowls was almost $20. I have bought a couple of other bowl sets on eBay that have had the same shipping costs, and they were packed in a larger box with more packing material. This seller simply put them in the box with a couple of pieces of bubble wrap and a few packing a box that is far too small. I think they were trying to cut corners so that they could make a little extra money.

  3. Oh gee, always a heartbreak.

    I bought a lamp that was so well packed, but still arrived broken.

    So you got the mis-mailed bowl, it seems? I hope so!

  4. Well that just stinks :/ I HATE IT when people send stuff in the mail with out enough packing. I used to buy a lot of 78 records off ebay and one lady litterally just slid it into an envelope and sent it... of course it was DUST when it got here. But try to look on the up side, at least you got 2 out of the deal!

  5. Oh man, what a week you've had! I pray these sellers do the right thing for you.

  6. Hey Michael! I came over from The Pyrex Collective and have become a follower. Enjoying your blog! Hope you get some satisfaction on your two transactions. Good Luck!


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