Saturday, October 2, 2010

Room By Room

Did any of you love the old HGTV show Room By Room?  It was always one of my favorites on HGTV because they worked on normal people's houses, doing things that normal people would do to their homes.  They were down to earth and not out of touch with society as many of the HGTV shows seem to be these days.  I became frustrated with HGTV after they started jumping on the reality show bandwagon.  (I did enjoy the first season of Design Star, though.)

Anyway, Matt Fox and Shari Hiller have a web page and a Facebook page.  From what I can tell reading through the posts on the Facebook page, they will have another show coming out soon.  Around the House with Matt and Shari will be airing on PBS.  Hey, if I could get a good TV antenna, I may be able to watch this one!  (I don't have cable...and don't really miss watching TV...I quit cable when I moved into the Shack, which was after HGTV became so addicted to reality shows).  Hmmm...I may have one of those aerial antenna's outside in my back yard!


  1. I loved that show too. They were always so corny. LOL I will definitely look them up on Facebook.

  2. Hi. We cancelled our cable when we got sick of paying a bundle each month for stuff we didn't want to watch, and not always getting coverage of what we did want to see, like certain college sports events. We were excited to get HGTV, but got disillusioned with it. Many programs just didn't seem realistic, in spite of the so-called reality. I remember seeing Matt and Shari. I swear, I thought their shows were reruns from the 1980s or something. But I liked them, probably because they are from the midwest, like I am.


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