Sunday, October 17, 2010

More eBay Frustration

The saga of the incorrect Pyrex bowl shipment continues.  When I contacted the seller originally, she fell all over herself apologizing, told me that the person who bought the other bowl hadn't paid after a week, and that she still had the correct bowl and would ship it out the next day.  I told her that if she would provide a pre paid shipping label, I would be happy to ship the bowl I had to the buyer.  Upon which she said okay.  Originally she told me that she would cancel the other sale due to no pay and I could just keep the bowl.  As I said before, I already had that piece, so I didn't need it.  I had correspondence with the seller throughout the rest of the week, each day she told me that she was shipping the bowl out tomorrow (which tomorrow?  I have no clue after hearing the same thing for three or four days).  Then, she told me the buyer of the bowl I had in my posession had paid, and that person was in Canada.  So, she asked that I ship the bowl back to her, let her know how much it was, and she would refund my PayPal account.  I shipped the incorrect bowl yesterday morning, let her know how much it was, and even provided a tracking number so that she could see that it had been shipped.  That was more than 24 hours ago, and I have not heard anything from her.  Although, she has had 3 or 4 items sell on eBay since I let her know how much the return shipping is.  I doubt the fact that she has made sales has slipped her mind.  I'm fairly certain that she has been into her PayPal account to retrieve the money that other people have been sending her.  I guess I'm just frustrated, and have lost all confidence in this seller.  She has nearly 5000 feedback rating, with 99.4% being positive.  If this doesn't turn out well, her percentage will be going down a little.  Also, if this doesn't come out well, I'll post the name of the seller to give you all a warning about them.

Have a great Sunday.  Thanks for reading through my rant.  *end rant*


  1. I guess you already figured, should not have sent the other item until after she compensated you. Not sure how paypal would handle this, and if you are covered for it. You could try to open a case if you don't hear from her.

    But ugh, what a drag! And don't some of us know how frustrating this is! I've had my fair share.

    Hope it works out, keep us posted. We all know how much you love your pyrex!


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