Monday, October 4, 2010

Choices, Choices

I was approached by a friend who is involved in our community theater seeking decorations for the set of their upcoming production.  The community theater is doing Father of the Bride, and they need wedding gifts to set around on the stage.  Wow, what to choose?  You can see in the photo above what I've come up with.

Let's row: three Fire King baking / casserole dishes in the cornflower blue pattern, a pressed glass round platter / tray, a Fire King? milk glass divided relish dish / deviled egg plate, the Homer Laughlin platter that I got a couple of weeks ago, a pair of 24% lead crystal candle sticks, and the chip and dip set that I got last week.  Second row: 2 brand new sets of towels still with their original ribbons (does anybody else buy these things at Walmart when they go on clearance sale when the time comes to change colors?), the chrome Mixmaster Junior that I got last week, and a glass divided dish / serving plate.  Bottom row: a new in box 11 piece set of Anchor Hocking Prescut and a chrome cake carrier.

Wow!  That was hard!  I was going to throw in my new crock pot, but I use that for food day at work, so no Crock Pot for them.  Now, I just need to deliver it all to them and see if there is anything else that they are looking for that I may have.  (I do seem to have a little of everything!)

Can you think of anything that I have posted about in the past that may be a good match for my challenge?


  1. This isnt so much an idea comment, but a warning! Trust me knowing theater people, if you really love it dont lend it out (I realize your not sending your best Pyrex or anything) but be forewarned- 'Anything can happen in live theater' :) And maybe you could throw in a cafree?

  2. Thanks, Mick. I haven't included anything that I can't live without, and I actually raided my box of left over garage sale items for a few of the things.


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