Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Craigslist Furniture Finds

I have been so tempted to purchase these great pieces of 1960s furniture for the second bedroom / den.  I just can't make up my mind.  Something about the couch doesn't seem quite what I want.  If they still have them tomorrow I may check on them.

Green sofa, found here, for $75.

Orange swivel chair on four legs, found here, for $40.

The chair is great, I'm just not sold on the couch yet.  Something about it just doesn't seem quite my style.  Have you ever tried to get comfortable or take a nap on a couch with buttons?  If you roll over, the buttons will snag your body.  That kinda kills the nap mood.  I learned that the hard way with the couch my parents had when I was growing up - buttons are evil!  If they still have them tomorrow, I'll probably check on them, but if they sell them, that's okay as well.  I know that the right sofa for me will come along.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You should get that sofa for yourself as a birthday present!

  2. That Chair is great! But I know for a fact the backs are prone to snap off... Chalk that one up to my some what dense best friend who though it nessary to exaggerate his body motions while laughing and CRACK off the back fell.... The couch is good too, but the angled seat vs the squared corners bugs me visually....


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