Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Trashy Post!

I've found that when you start collecting mid-century things, and decorating your house in mid-century style, you want to get all the details right.  You start out searching for the big things, a vintage sofa, the perfect chairs, maybe a retro stove if you're lucky.  After you find the bigger things, you start focusing on smaller things, end tables, a period-correct dish set, old Pyrex.  Then you find the smaller details, like a period-correct trash can, a napkin holder, the right flower pot.  This is, in my mind at least, how you start looking at things when you begin the collection.  You want the big things first off to make the big impact, then you look for the accessories to pull it all together.  Of course, things don't usually work out this way, you usually find the little things along the way while you are waiting for that perfect big piece to come along.

Getting down to the little details in the things I've been gathering for my bathroom, I found this great Harvell metal trash can earlier this fall.  I love the geometric square design, and the gold color is going to pick up nicely with the laundry hamper.  The black and off white will be just right.

If you're lucky, you can find an old metal trash can for $1, but some of them can be pricey - there's one on eBay right now that the seller has as a Buy-It-Now for over $100.  I, for one, have a hard time accepting the idea that someone might pay that much money for a garbage can.  Keep your eyes open, they aren't as common as they once were, but you can still get them for a good price!

It's Thursday?  Where has this week gone?


  1. That is a gorgeous trash can! I'm all about the "accent pieces" like this!

    Thank you for your really helpful comment over at TBB. I've corrected the article, and I think I'm now on a mission to see as many English Style Gothic Parish churches in the States as possible! :D

    Oh and, yes, it's unbelievable that it's already Thursday, isn't it?! Where on Earth does time go???

  2. thats an awsome trash can! I had my heart set on this 1940's salmon pink trash can, where you step on the pedal and the lid pops up... The Dealer who owned the shop (is VERY unfair based on sex) AND When I asked him about it he said $15.... and I thought that was a little pricy... *time passes* My mom goes in to buy if for christmas this year, not only did her RUIN it buy painting over the original paint (and doing a crappy job) he now says its a $45 Trash can.... Needless to say, it will no be going in my kitchen. I have also stopped going to his shop...

  3. Okay, now I think that would make a GREAT quilt pattern, wouldn't it?

  4. You know Maria, I think that it would make a cool quilt!

  5. Oooo, it's an optical illusion, too!

    The first time I looked at it, I saw large beveled squares with smaller beveled squares inside them. If I stare at it and let my eyes unfocus a bit, I see diamond shapes with vertical stripes in them alternating with diamond shapes with horizontal stripes in them.

    And it would DEFinitely make a cool quilt pattern!


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