Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh, How I Hate to get up in the Morning!

Oh My Gosh!  I'm going to have to watch the movie "This is the Army" now!  My Grandad used to sing this song to my sister and me when we would spend the night at his and Grandma's house.  He would come in the bedroom in the morning singing this song to get me out of bed.  I must say that I really didn't care for the song much in those days!  I never realized that it was a song from a movie.  Grandad, as I've posted before, was a  WWII vet.  I ran across this little clip on YouTube when I was looking for a different clip to share (which I was unable to find), and almost fell out of my chair.  Isn't it amazing how something like this little video clip can stir up such memories?

Have a wonderful Wednesday - The week's already half over!  How does this happen to me?


  1. I write my fall theisis over Irving Berling his real name was "Israil Baline" but a printing error came up with Irving Berlin! HeWrote this song for the army production of "Yip Yip Yapank" in 1914! (I have the 78) He introduced it in one of his army shows in which he was laying on an army cot then got up and sang the song to the audience! How wonderful your grand dads memory is attched with this song!

    Simply Amazing! I have the same sort of memory with the song "A dream is a wish your hear makes" from the 1951 Disney "Cinderella" with my grand mother :)

  2. Great memory! When my kids were little, my husband would always sing "Rise and shine, and give God the glory, glory" - they would just roll their eyes at him!


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