Monday, January 18, 2010

Vintage Drapery Help?

Okay, so I need an opinion.  This past fall, at our city-wide garage sale, I picked up these green/gold pinch pleat drapes.  I actually got two pair of drapes with the matching valances for $3 (and they threw in a really nice drapery rod as well).  One pair of the drapes and matching valance would be just the right size for my dining room, and the other pair would have to be trimmed down a little bit, but would be good for the living room.  The drapes were custom made in 1970 when the owner of one of the local factories built a new house.  That house changed hands this past fall, and the new owner sold all of the vintage drapes out of the house.  I was able to get the ones from the living room / dining room.  I know the drapes are original to the house, as the previous owner and the new owner are both families that I know from church.  The previous owners moved into a residential care facility, and the new owners have been busy "updating" the entire house (it had some really cool original features - wish I'd taken my camera to that estate auction).

I got the matching lamp at the estate auction.  Remember this?  Anyway, I would like to know everyone's opinion about how well these drapes go with my French Provincial sofa.  I'm thinking about having these drapes cleaned and taking down the dark red ones and putting these up.  If I do that, I'll also get the matching lamp out with the velvet shade.

Then the only thing that I would be missing is the matching marble-topped end table that Grandma got from my great aunt's house when I got the sofa.  I must try to figure out a way to get that table some day!


  1. Michael,

    This is a tricky one for me. Honestly, I applaud you for decorating your home in the way you see fit. I always tell people to decorate in a way that pleases them and not to worry what others think. That said, I'm offering my opinion and hope you don't take offense because I love seeing what you do and all of your fabulous finds.

    I fear you are bordering on creating a grandma-looking vignette in your Mid-Century home. (Well, you know I'm not a fan of the sofa as it's upholstered , anyway.) The two fabrics coordinate and look like they belong together, but I think you're creating an incongruous contrast with your modern pieces. So there's my two cents. Ignore if you will. Am looking forward to seeing what you decide!

    Oh, and I posted the photo you tagged me about. Hope you like it.


  2. They certainly coordinate nicely. Ummm, that's all I can think of to say. :)

  3. You know that I like it! Those drapes are great - what a bargain. I say 'go for it' - the retro decorating gods have sent this stuff your way for a reason.

    BTW I see your walls painted a light yellow-gold. I have Putnam Ivory by BM in my MBR, it might work for you.

  4. They definitely match the sofa. You got a great deal!

  5. I'm still a little up in the air about what to do about the house. I have always liked the idea of a "formal" living room, and really like that look. What I am really considering is creating the formal living room in the more mid-century style, and transforming the second bedroom into more of a mid-century family room / den type space. Something that is more of a casual mid century style and a place to relax in and watch TV. I really only need one bedroom since it is just me.

  6. Micheal, I have the same feelings for a formal livingroom. HOWEVER I think the couch (or does it have 6 legs making it a sette?) is influencing you to much! After all you dont want just 1 room to the nines and the rest of the house in a diffrent style. My advice, is put the curtians up, then go to a diffrent room and look into your livingroom. (For me its all about flow of colors and styles) Leave them up for a week or so, and see how you like it. Thats my adivce to you! I had this same problem with the bedroom at the Casablanca, I had 2 bedspreads from thew 50's that I designed the room around and later got sick of! as much as i hate to say it (because I hate when im making choices and people tell it to me) "Its your deal."! BTW did you get that $80 couch?!

  7. No, I passed on the $80 sofa. Something else will come along, one that I am head over heels for. My dining set is more formal, and I have a mahogany secretary that I'm having refinished. My dining table is a Duncan Phyfe, also in mahogany. The dining room, kitchen, and living room are all one big room, and my taste really leans toward the formal side of the era. I took my chrome dinette out and put it in storage when I found my Duncan Phyfe, if that says anything. I don't have a problem with the den being in a totally different style, my bedroom is an oak set from the late 1960s or early 1970s, also a more formal style.

  8. Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth. Take a penny leave a penny. I think the drapes look really great with the style of sofa you have. I also agree with what Mick has pointed out...put em up live with em for awhile and if ya don't like them take them down. I personally don't mind that you are mixing different eras and styles in your house because that is actually what did happen as people from 40' 50's got older they got things from new decades and mixed it all together. I think part of finding your style is playing around with looks you like and finding what works for you and what doesn't. Have fun besides it's not like you spent a lot of money on things!
    Have Fun!!

  9. Mick - I've been working on rearranging the living room (and once again realizing that my dream of having the couch in front of the window is not possible with my furniture)...anyway I checked the couch and counted the legs - 5 - three on front and two in the rear.

  10. Alas! Dont you just HATE IT when you have the thigns arranged in your mind but it doesnt work out? When it comes to that stuff in my mind my dpeth perception is wayyyyy off. lets see 5 legs that means it falls into the sofa/ davenport dept. Haha


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