Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mid Century Cabinet Pulls from Amerock

I spent some time last night going through Amerock's website looking to see if I could find cabinet pulls available that would be fitting for a mid century home.  Specifically, I wanted to know if they were still manufacturing the pulls that I have in my kitchen.

Here's what I have in the kitchen here at the shack:


They are black and have these great little brass backplates on the bases.  They perfectly match the black hinges with the brass decorative pins in them.

While I was unable to find them in black, I was able to find this pull.  Unfortunately, they no longer come with the cool little backplates, but you can still get them in chrome and brass finishes.  I would recommend the chrome finish for a mid century kitchen.  They are part of the "Allison Value Line."

Here are some others that I feel might go well in a mid century kitchen:

If you are looking for colonial style hardware to go on your knotty pine cabinets, how about this:

And if you are looking for something a little more 60s or 70s inspired, I really liked these two:

I think that most of these pulls were available in multiple finishes, if you aren't looking for chrome.  Many came in brass, and some of them came in other finishes as well.  I recommend you look through their website to know for sure if they make what you are looking for in the finish that you are seeking.

The black finish on mine has worn off most of the pulls over the 50 plus years my house has been in existence.  I'm planning on taking them all off and repainting them black and reinstalling them.  I also need to strip my lower cabinets down and refinish them and replace the counter tops.  I'm hoping to finish the bathroom this year, and have the kitchen done by  the end of 2011.  I hope that isn't pushing myself too much, they are both small rooms, and I'm not gutting either one.  I guess we'll see how motivated I get!

Have a great Sunday!

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