Thursday, January 21, 2010


The above two pictures show the living room before I started rearranging furniture.  I also still have the dark red drapes up.  I noticed while I was taking these pictures that I have an abundance of late 60s colors in my living room.  My kitchen is even painted a coordinating green.  The lamps are burnt orange and green, the sofa is, well, you are familiar with my sofa, my chairs are brown, I have some gold pieces scattered around, and even the afghan I am using now is green and burnt orange.  Is it a sign?  I'm think that it just might be...

I added the green drapes, and moved the couch in front of the windows, which is where I have always wanted it to be, but once again realized that the reason that the couch wasn't in front of the windows is because the chairs and Majestic console are too big for the wall that the couch was on.

Plus, once the couch was in front of those curtains, I was feeling nauseous.  Too much green in one place.  I think that it will be better balanced if the couch moves back to where it was before, and the brown chairs and the Majestic return to their place in front of the windows.

BUT, I am going to try keeping the couch in front of the windows for a while.  Here's how I have arranged it for the time being:

The other side of the room hasn't changed.  Still has the platform rocker and chest of drawers in front of the half wall dividing the living room from the kitchen.  I'm not sharing that view right now because all of my Christmas things are stacked on that chair awaiting the time when the ground dries out enough to put it back in storage (the vintage items are stored in the house).

The jury is still out on this layout...I really feel like the long, low sofa accentuates how long the room is, while the chairs make the end wall look even more narrow.  I'll leave it as is for a couple of weeks then return it to the way that it was before to see how that works.  I am still thinking that having the green couch on the short wall would help to spread the green color around the living room, so that it isn't all in one place, it also makes that wall look longer, in my opinion.  Plus, not only is the green centered all in one place, but now all the brown is at the end of the room.  I also realize that either way, I need to move the picture of our family farm, either to be centered above the sofa or on the wall by the windows.  I haven't decided where just yet.


  1. hmmm. I think the two lounge chairs belong in front of the window with a low table between them. The couch - on the long wall facing the window so that you can see out. I also think the brown against the green drapes would look better/optimal - green couch on opposite wall. LOVE all your late 60s colors!

  2. Would it be so crazy, if you were to swap the chest of drawres from where it is now with the radio? The chest of drawers would add hight to that corner, and the radio could be 'Majestic' by its self on that wall it would draw your eye over there insted of to the corner. Just a thought :)

  3. Well, one things for sure - I don't like the way that it is right now. I'm going to have to work with it some more this weekend. I want the chairs back in front of the window, for sure.

    Pam - I can't put the couch across from the windows because that is all open to the kitchen / dining room and would block easy access to those areas and the rest of the house. I am getting some more ideas though. I'll work on it some more and share it when I get it figured out.

    Mick - I'll keep that in mind - especially since I have a great new lamp on the way that my parents are getting me for my birthday, and I think it would be great on the Majestic (it's smaller than those orange lamps). I also have another one of those round two tiered walnut end tables that I would like to some how work into the room.


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