Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Finds

I have been cooped up in this house for quite a while now.  I stayed home a good deal of Christmas break, and I enjoyed just being lazy for a change.  Then, last week was time to return to work, and I was recharged and ready to go back to my kids.  I actually missed the little boogers, and I was a little disappointed when I got the call that school was cancelled last Monday due to snow.  But, another day sleeping in, I can handle that.  Back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, and in comes another awful cold front.  Blowing snow and bringing highs in the single digits, lows as low as -12 one night.  Our weatherman reported that the last time on record that we had a high temperature that was only in the single digits was December 22, 1990.  It's been a few years since it has been this cold in Southwest Missouri!

Finally, after staying cooped up in the house this past week trying to stay warm, I headed out to my favorite little junk shop on the square.

I was so excited when I found these three pieces of Syracuse China in the Nordic pattern.  Included were two coffee cups and this small tray or platter - not exactly sure what it is for.  Maybe one of my readers could help fill me in.  I would probably guess that it is a relish tray.  I looked them over quickly and snatched them up.  From what I have been able to find, Syracuse produced this pattern from 1966 through 1970.  I was a little disappointed to discover when I got home that one of the cups is cracked.  Oh well, I got the set for $1.49.

I also picked up this carafe made by Corning.  I have looked on the internet for this pattern, but I can't find it.  I would call it a dogwood pattern.  It was $0.79. 

My recent poll, which closed Saturday night, revealed a tie between the Tic Tac Blue layout (the original layout of the blog) and Scribe.  So, I've switched to Scribe for a bit to try it out.

Back to work today!  Have a great Monday!


  1. Oh heck, now you're going to get me started on THIS pattern! I'm already way deep into Swiss Chalet. Usually relish dishes have higher sides--I would say this is simply a small platter. I really like the Scribe layout, BTW--since it's more neutral than the blue things show up better. It's nice to hear that you missed your little charges!

  2. I am a carafe junkie. I have never seen that pattern. I love it. The cups and the platter....well I would have knocked some senior citizens out of the way for those. (not really, but I do love them) Love the new layout.

  3. I have a platter that looks like yours but its not the same pattern, My grand mother and Mother refer to it as a "Ham platter" And I sue mine for Ham's, and meatloafs its just the right sive to make them look flashy with out having some huge dish :) Great finds! Now you need some "Dixie Dogwood" plates and cups to go with your Carafe!

  4. I think the dogwood is especially appropriate for me since it is the Missouri State Tree! Gotta love the Show-Me State!


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