Saturday, January 30, 2010

Strange CL Listing

Every once in a while, I am absolutely amazed at the things that I find on Craigslist. 

I came across this ad for a vintage embalming autopsy table.  Somthing that no house should be without!  It's a steal at only $500!  Okay, enough with my sarcasm.  But really, what in the world would a person do with one of these things?  I guess it's time to get creative...I could put a piece of glass on the top and make it into a dining table...I could set the TV on it and call it an entertainment center...I could put a piece of foam on it and make it into a bed...I could put it in the garage and use it as a potting bench...hmm...

Here's what the seller has to say about it:

"Vintage Royal Bond Porcelain Embalming Autopsy Table. Measure 31" Wide By 80" Long. Very Heavy Will Need Several People To Move It. Still Has It's Head Rest.
Asking $800 OBO PRICE REDUCED $500 "
In case you can think of a great use for this piece and can't imagine your home without it, here's a link to the original ad.
Have a great Saturday!


  1. Yikes! This fall I found an aluminum coffin at the Round Top Flea market in Warrenton, Texas. Of course, I just took a picture, but the guy selling it was proposing it as a beverage holder for an outdoor party. Stan

  2. Obviously a must-have for the sloppy prep cook. I know of several goth kids who would probably love it just because it had dead people on it. As for me, I completely agree with Pam. REALLY bad feng shui!!

  3. It just amazes me with what some people try to sell - and I'm sure that they will find a buyer for it somewhere. I came up with another idea - put it in the laundry room and use it for folding clothes!

  4. Wow... I just spit out my coffee! I could see this in a Haunted house, or maybe part of a movie set haha it would make a great "mother-in-law guestroom peice! haha wow.... for a time there was a place downtown selling a "human spine" bones yuck and all... for $25 simply amazing!

  5. LOL actually....we have one of these. We recently moved into a BEAUTIFUL Victorian used to be a funeral home and out of all the things that they left us; they didn't leave the beautiful candle sconce that I! they left their antique embalming what do with an antique embalming table? Find a crazy person on craigslist with warped ideas of a "fun" table I guess. I hope this person sold it...maybe they'll want another one ;)


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