Monday, January 4, 2010

Lamp Fever Strikes Again

Please don't worry, I am not leaving this lamp here to clash with the couch, I just wanted to see how it looked on this table in the living room.  I was in a flea market over the weekend, and lamp fever struck again!  I must really learn to control this problem.  I had to take several of the others I have to storage a couple of weeks ago.

I think this table is going to look pretty good with the other items on it.  I just got the radio last week (I'm an eBay addict when it comes to radios), and the 1959 copy of Better Homes and Gardens looks right at home.  The white and gold planter that I found last week will look great on that little shelf, especially once I get a Philodendron started from a cutting I took and planted in it.

This one is going to end up on my night stand in my bedroom.  I was pleased with myself, because when I bought this one, I actually knew where I wanted to put it!  The lamp shade has a little staining on the top, but overall, it's a great piece.  Simple and attractive.

I think that the teal / turquoise color will really go well with the drapes that I have hanging in my bedroom.  I am hoping that I will prefer it over the copper I Dream of Jeannie bottle style modern metal lamp from Walmart that I have in there right now.

Just so you know - this is the lamp that normally lives on this table...I think the scale of it is much better for the space.

Have a great Monday - today's supposed to be our first day back from break, but snowfall this weekend is giving me an extra day off!


  1. That is a great table. The stuff on it is great too. I have a collection of those plant holders, because they are an inexpensive thing to collect, and you can use them to hold all sorts of things besides plants -- art supplies, paper napkins, bills, etc. That white and gold one looks really good with the turquoise and gold lamp. Actually, everything on the table looks good with the lamp. So, I guess you have to find a different couch. Nah, just have fun moving it all around. That's what's so fun about having a house and having collections -- moving it all around.

  2. Thanks! It was a fun find this past summer - a great estate auction. They called it a coffee table when they sold it, but I think it's better suited for use the way that I have it. Not one of my amazing cheap bargains, but still a good deal - it was somewhere between $15 and $20, only because they had it in a large lot of other end and coffee tables and they were selling choice item - I just couldn't let it get away!

  3. I'm pretty sure we both have the same green lamp...or darned close. Must send you a picture!!

  4. Hi Barbara! I'd love to see a picture of yours! I picked up the green one up at a garage sale for $1 - the people thought I was crazy for wanting it! My blog email is culdesacshack (at) gmail (dot) com


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