Monday, January 25, 2010

My Weekend Finds!

Yesterday I shared some of the great things that I found and didn't purchase during my 7 store thrifting and flea market spree on Saturday.  Today I'm sharing the things that I found to purchase.

At the Salvation Army Thrift Store I found this great green and chartreuse relish set (I guess that's what it is - could someone help me here?).  For $3, I felt like it was a good deal.  It's marked "Don Jay Made in California".  I probably won't return to this thrift shop.  I had the most unfriendly service there I have ever encountered on one of my outings.  The cashier wouldn't talk to me, then when she saw the $3 price tag on the lid of the central container, she gave me a look and went through each piece looking for the other price tags.  I told her that the way it was set up showed that the whole piece was $3, I believed.  She made some grunting noise at me and then gruffly told me I owed $3 (no kidding?).  Never again will I return to that store.  If I hadn't really wanted the set, I would have left it on the counter and walked out.

This was the first time that I ran across any Blue Heaven.  I found two plates for $3 each.  More than I usually pay, but so many of the blogs that I follow have such high praises for this pattern that I went ahead and picked them up.  I really liked the flea market i found these in, I plan to return to this one.

February 1951 issue of Household magazine.  88 cents.  The cover is detached from the rest of it, and someone pasted some gardening clippings on some of the pages, but there is still some great stuff in there.  I love the cover - great green kitchen cabinets, Formica counter tops with metal trim, green wall paneling, and beams on the ceiling.  I could really feel at home in this kitchen!

Seven dull bronze cabinet knobs in an original box.  Three large knobs, two medium sized knobs, and two small knobs, all from Amerock.  I'm sure that I'll be able to come up with some use for these someday.  The perfect thing will come along, I know it.  The whole set was $2.50.

Finally I got these kitchen curtains.  I really only needed one set, but all the sets were priced together, and they were incredibly cheap.  The green color in the rooster and other images will be perfect with the green paint in my kitchen, and will compliment everything that I have done in the living room.  This is important since its really all one big room.  There are 8 panels and 4 valances, I believe.  The whole set was $3.50.

$16 spent, and a great day of getting out of the house.  I am so tired of the gray skies and rain that we have been having.  I am almost tempted to get one of those lamps that simulate sunlight to set up here in the living room.  Maybe it would brighten my spirits a little bit.

It's Monday - another work week is here long before I am ready.


  1. I LOVE those curtains! I'll gladly purchase the some from you if they're large enough for my window. If you're interested, please email me

  2. LOVE the relish dish! I have one in pink and grey! That particular set is great for putting on a lazy susan, and you might like to know that Lucy Ricardo has the very same set in her 1a appartment (and this dishes with leaf patter too! I really like the knobs they look like the ones on my lamp in the den.

  3. Leah - I'm not quite ready to part with the remaining curtains yet - I'm thinking about putting them dining room. If that doesn't work out, I'll let you know!

  4. cool...Those babies deserve to be hung somewhere! Can't wait to see them up.


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