Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Design?

Today, I would like to ask for a little feedback from all of my readers.  I have been spending some time playing around with the design of the site, and I would like your opinion on these different looks.  I have put a poll in the sidebar for you to vote for your favorite layout, please take a moment to review the different options and vote for your favorite.

 This first style is named Herbert.

Second is called Minima Dark

Third is Sand Dollar

Fourth is Scribe

Lastly is Tic Tac Blue (the option for you to choose if you like the blog the way it is)

Please take a moment to review these different designs.  If you click on them, they will enlarge so that you can see them better.  I will leave the poll open through January 9, so that there is a one week period for review and voting.

I still haven't decided which one I like best, or even if I really want to change it.  I would appreciate you input, however.  Thanks!


  1. I like the second one....well, as you can see, it's the one I use, too! Stan

  2. I think you should make you're own header sometime - it's so much fun to express your personality!

  3. I would love to make my own header - I just don't have the right photo editing software to do it - unless there is a way to make one online?

  4. I like the current design - and scribe. I like the content centered. Also, I don't think that white text on black is easy to read. Finally: My advice is don't worry about the look as much as the CONTENT. And, you are doing awesome in that dept!

  5. I like Scribe. Can't say why exactly, just seems right.

  6. I wish I could advise -- I'm having the same dilemma over at my blog :) My Photoshop is stuck on an inoperative computer. Sigh.

  7. Even if you played with your header as a text file with different fonts and then turned it into a jpeg it could be cool. I had a friend design mine and then send it to me as a jpeg. I then sized it to fit the space (it was a little back and forth), but it worked. You can also create text and manipulate it in PowerPoint if you have that and save your slide as a jpeg. But Pam is right...content is the most important. Good pictures and good text. Hope this helps. Stan

  8. I spent the day yesterday working on some ideas and changes - and found some I really like - I'm just afraid to mess with the blog too much for fear of messing it up beyond repair. We'll see what more I can come up with.

  9. Looking good! I like what you've done with your place :) I'm going to brave up and try something over at my template.


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