Saturday, October 24, 2009

2 More Sets of Vintage Dishes

I thought that I would finish up this week of mostly dishes with two more sets that I have purchased over the years.  This first set is still in it's original box, new, never used.  I purchased this at the estate auction of a lady in her late nineties, whose family had lived in the same house for around 100 years.  Apparently at some point the lady had gotten some new dishes, but they were never used.  They look like they were put away in storage awaiting the day that she would use them.  The box is marked Ranson Dogwood Blossom 32 piece dinner set.  I unpacked a few of the pieces to photograph them to share with you.  I really like to dogwood pattern.  The whole set put me back $5.  I can't believe that I was the only person to bid on these.  They really are in perfect, like new condition.

I came across this Crooksville dinner set at the same auction that I picked up my RCA console stereo.  Unlike the first set that I have on this post, these have been used.  A few of the pieces have some small chips, but most are in excellent condition.  I am not sure what the pattern name is, as a search for "Crooksville Thematic" brings up other patterns as well.  There is a mostly complete set with 8 place settings, a creamer, sugar bowl, platter, and a serving bowl.  As with the Dogwood Blossom set, nobody wanted them and I was able to get them for $5.

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  1. You find such great stuff at incredibly low prices. I think the fact that you're willing to buy something unfamiliar just because you LIKE IT is why you luck out. Everyone falls over each other for the "name" glass and pottery, but the items we get because we simply think they would be great in our home are the true treasures. And paying next to nothing for it makes it that much sweeter!


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