Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Welcoming Entry

Front Door
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I believe that my house is one of only two, maybe three houses on my block that still have the original front entry door. To put this in a little better perspective, there are 10 houses on my block. This comes down to a 20% - 30% survival rate. The house across the street from me still has it's original front door, but it is a hollow-core door, and I would probably replace it if I lived there. I feel fortunate that my house has this beautiful 8 panel entry door with these great carved panels. It really adds a lot of interest to the front entry. I replaced the lock set on the door shortly after moving in. The set on it was not original, and I didn't really care for the polished brass on the door. Also, since the house had been a rental before my purchase, I didn't know who might have a key to the house. I believe that the peep-hole is original to the door. It is a great feature, and it swivels so that you can look side to side or up and down to be able to best see who is at the door. I love my door knocker. I can report that I know for certain that it is not original to the house. I purchased this vintage door knocker on ebay when I was in college for the mobile home that I owned at the time. When I sold the mobile home, I kept the knocker. If ever I should happen to sell this house, I will remove the knocker from this house as well and proudly mount it on the door of my new home. The knocker is not like most modern knockers which are wide and chunky feeling. This knocker is thin and has a very elegant appearance. Sometimes it is best to keep things understated.

It's Saturday, and there is a great estate auction in town today. I'm looking forward to a day doing what I enjoy, I hope you have the opportunity to spend your Saturday doing what you enjoy!


  1. What a beautiful door! I am happy that you have left it as is, it really is a piece of art! Could you show a close up of your door knocker and the peep hole! I am really interested to see how a peep hole swivels, that is a really cool feature to have!

    Have fun at the sale today!

    :0) Sharon

  2. Sharon,

    I have disassembled the peep hole to research the patent number, and in the process discovered that these are still being manufactured. I'll post all of my findings tomorrow!


  3. My house door was a hollow core, and we had to replace it about 15 years ago as it simply wasn't safe, and the laminate was coming off.

    I'm glad you are keeping your home as original as possible.

    Most of the homes here in my area of southern CA are trying to update with new slider windows and such, but I still have my hand-crank windows and will keep them.

    The home has had virtually no renovations, so it's got most of her original goodies. Now, to get it all working again ha ha.

    I am enjoying your blog. =)


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