Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Favorite Feature?

Linen Closet
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What is your favorite feature in your mid-century house? If you are like me you would have a hard time choosing one thing. Definitely one of the things at the top of my list is my huge built-in hall linen closet. This thing is huge, especially for the size of my house. At 4'9" wide, 8' tall and 14" deep, it holds a lot of stuff! I have only been in one mid-century home that has a larger unit in it, and that unit was probably the same height and depth, but somewhere in the 6' to 7' wide range.

The upper portion has 2 doors and shelving where I store, what else, linens. I also keep light bulbs and laundry materials in here. My washer is in a closet across the hall from this. The middle 2 drawers are great as well. One of them holds extension cords and other similar materials, and I keep place mats in the other one. The 2 doors on the bottom open up to a large open space where I store my Rainbow vacuum and furnace filters. My house has more storage in it than I have ever seen in a house in the 1000 square foot range. I got lucky!

Why aren't modern houses constructed with great built-ins like this? Thoughtful touches like this really make life a lot easier!

Sorry about the poor quality of the picture, there just isn't a way to get a really good picture of it.

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