Monday, October 12, 2009

Final Days for an Awesome Mid-Century Stone House

I have always liked this stone house.  The pattern of the stone and the combination of turquoise trim really says 50s to me.  I have always loved the pattern the stone makes on the house, and the stone is really unusual, at least around here.  This is the only house I know of that has this stone in town.  Sadly, the interior of this house is semi gutted, and none of the original 50s charm remains inside.

This house is being auctioned off this week.  The bidding ends on October 19, and the house must be moved or torn down within 45 days after the sale.  The stone that I love will be no longer.  You can see the auction and more pictures here:

The house sits on land owned by Missouri State Parks.  My lovely little town is the birthplace of President Harry S Truman (for those of you who don't know, there is no period after the S - he had no middle name, only a middle initial, which therefore is his middle name).  This house sits a few houses down from the birthplace and was purchased by the state several years ago as part of a planned revitalization of the birthplace.  This plan calls for the houses immediately around the birthplace to be removed and the rebuilding of structures that were present at the time of the president's birth.  As this house is obviously not from the 1880's, it must go.  They are currently auctioning off two other houses, one on either side of this one, to make space for future improvements.

Would someone like to save this great stone house from a bulldozer?

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  1. That is so sad--I hope someone comes through and buys it.


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