Sunday, October 25, 2009

Retro Laundry Hamper

I found this great retro laundry hamper at an estate auction today.  The gold in the design isn't exactly right for my bathroom, but the other colors will work well with my plans.  The hamper is metal with some type of plastic material on the outside with the design printed on it.  This actually had someone else that was interested in it.  I usually don't have much competition when it comes to retro purchases.  I was able to get it in the end for $11.  Now I just need to get it cleaned up.

They sold the house at the auction today, which makes me fear what might have happened to my house's value since this economic slump began, they practically gave it away.  Anyway, the house had the same Peek-o peep hole that I have in my house!  I was very excited to find another house in town with one.  I'm going to have to learn to start taking my digital camera with me when a house is being auctioned off so that I can do some recon for the blog.

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