Sunday, October 4, 2009

This Weekend's Estate Sale Finds

I got a few nice finds yesterday, and since it is Sunday, I'm going to relax and just share my new finds with you.  I haven't had a chance to clean any of them up yet, so you get to see them just as they were when I bought them.  If you want to see one of the pictures larger, just click on it.  First off, I got this great aluminum Pepsi-Cola cooler.  The lid is a little dented and the metal on the bottom has a place where it is going bad, but it still looks great in my opinion.  It will be great to display and have as storage as well.  Secondly, I got this great starburst style electric clock, which does work.  The clock was manufactured by United Metal Goods and I love the style.  Third, I found these really cool ceramic pheasant wall hangings.  There is no marking on them to indicate who manufactured them, but they sure seem to have a great mid-century feel to me!  Finally of the things I would like to share today, I found this great green (chartreuse?) and gray planter made by Shawnee.  I really like this color combination.  Must remember this combination for future use in my house, I'm thinking a spare bedroom.  What do you think?  I'm thinking gray and green would look really good with my new Heywood Wakefield bedroom set. 

I got a few more things that I haven't pictured or discussed, and I'll just quickly list them.  I'll probably get around to sharing more about them this winter when the estate sales slow down and I need topics to write on.  I got a great working electric RCA Victor AM/FM tube table radio in a wooden case that needs to be refinished.  I also got an antique press-back oak dining chair to strip and refinish, a red aluminum serving tray and an aluminum pitcher with three colored tumblers.

I had a question for more pictures of the door knocker and peep-hole in my front door.  I'll try to feature them tomorrow.

Church, Sunday School, and an Ad-Council meeting this morning.  Have a relaxing Sunday!


  1. 1. The cooler is very cool. *snork* I bet it's cork inside. It'll float if you accidentally tip over your canoe. I have one that we keep our winter boots in over the summer on the back porch.

    2. The clock is classic.

    3. The pheasants: Are they chalkware?

    4. Your guest bedroom will look great in those colors.

    Happy Sunday. I'll miss church this morning, home with a kid who has the flu. CDC says designate one parent to be the sick-kid caregiver so you don't both catch it, and I am the one.

  2. The pheasants are white clay slip cast pieces that have been painted and then glazed. I looked for some chalkware but didn't find any yesterday.

    Good luck with the sick child. Hope they feel better soon and nobody else catches it!

  3. Fantastic finds!

    I pictured my vintage cooler a few days ago. I bought old fashioned style sodas to put in it from Galcos. Makes a great display.
    You can order sodas online if interested:

    Nice store, multi-generation owned and they are nice folks.

    Grey is the color I'm going with in my living room as that was the original color interior for most of my mid-century home. I have that color in my converted garage/Studio now, and I love it.

    Wonderful blog!


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