Monday, October 5, 2009

My Door Knocker and Peep Hole...A Cul-De-Sac Shack Follow-Up

I had a request for more pictures of the door knocker and peep hole that I mentioned in the post on my door a couple of days ago. So, here ya go!

As I said before, I love my door knocker. It has a great size that isn't chunky or overbearing on the door. I like that it is understated.

The big request was for more information on my peep hole.  I disassembled the peep-hole today to try to locate manufacturer information.  I was unable to find a manufacturer listed, but I did locate a patent number.  A search for the patent number led me to discover that the US Patent Office issued the patent number on December 20, 1949.  Although I still did not know the manufacturer, I was becoming intrigued.  I have never given much thought to my peep hole.  I knew that I had never seen one like it, but searching for other information on it never really crossed my mind.  After doing a patent search on the US Patent Office website, I returned to Yahoo and entered the patent number in the search box.  This brought me to the following web site:  I discovered that this vintage peep-hole, which is officially named the Peek-O, is still in production.  It is available in almost any standard finish.

According to their website:

"HOME PROTECTOR MFG. CO., INC. manufactures PEEK-O Revolving Door Viewers designed for use in residences, apartments, commercial and professional buildings.
The Peek-O units are manufactured in all standard finishes. They are Made in the United States for over 50 years.

Peek-O is approved by Board of Standards and Appeals for use in New York City under Cal. No. 663-67-SM.

These units are for doors 1" to 2" in thickness.

Peek-O is one of those pride-of-ownership details homebuyers remember and appreciate. It’s the best door viewer available:
  • Engineered to provide a full 140 degree of visibility.
  • Revolves to provide an extra measure of safety a 40 degree extra view.
  • Stamped brass components
  • Finest crystal glass lenses
  • Enhances front door hardware"

I really liked this link, which shows the catalog page for the Peek-O:  You'll need a PDF viewer to see the catalog page.

I did a little more searching, and found one website that sells them.  It looks like they are around $50.  After owning mine, and realizing how beneficial it can be to have a peep-hole that can revolve in the door so that I can see more of what's outside, I think that it's worth it.  Plus, this really makes a big impact on the looks of the door, especially if your door is somewhat plain and in need of a focal point.  The only website I have found them on so far is this one:

Below I have posted some more pictures of my peep-hole both in the door and disassembled to give you an idea on how it works.

If anyone has more information on my door knocker, I would be interested in finding out more about it.

It's Monday, start the week off with a smile!

As always, click on these pictures to enlarge them for better viewing.


  1. Woah, I am really impressed with all your research. I am going to steal this for my blog ;) with full credit to you, of course! Many thanks!

  2. Thanks Pam! I really enjoyed researching for this post! Putting this on Retro Renovation is a huge compliment!

  3. Dear Missouri Michael,

    I think you may have a future as a Private investigator or perhaps a salesman for us. We sell a tremendous number of Peek-O's each year. Anyone who has an interest in the Peek-O they can be found on the website that Michael listed above or if you call the number on the website and mention this blog we will gladly give you a 10% discount. We will put the amount of each discount towards a brand new Peek-O for Michael for all the research he did.

    Robert E Barr
    VP of Operations
    Security Products Inc.


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