Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iconic Pyrex Mixing Bowls

You're going to find that I collect a wide variety of items from the mid-century era.  Today I'm doing my first post on Pyrex.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Pyrex, are these great colorful mixing bowls.  The bright colors are so typical of the 1950s.  Where I live, these are the set of Pyrex to have, if you collect Pyrex.  When I do by chance find a set for sale they are usually around $100.  I was fortunate enough to inherit this set.  My grandma and her sister, my great-aunt, both had sets of these.  They were gifts early in their married lives from their mother, my great-grandmother.  My grandma has managed to break the small blue bowl in her set, but my great-aunt, who my set belonged to, managed to keep hers in near pristine condition.  I inherited this set a couple of years ago, when my great-aunt moved out of her home and into assisted living.  I do use these bowls occasionally, and I love the family connection.  A mid-century kitchen needs mid-century cookware!

Enjoy your Thursday, we're one day closer to Friday!


  1. Got 'em, use 'em all the time. I had to assemble my set one at a time, though.

    And if yours were your grandma's/great aunt's, you must be really, really young. ;o)

  2. Maria - I'm 27... Don't know that I'm really, really Grandma is 89 and my Great Aunt is 91...

  3. Hi Michael. I have a set with a history somewhat like yours. I have my mom's set. When I was just a tot, in the late 1950s, I pulled them out of a cabinet, and broke the red one. At some point, her sister gave her an olive green one that was the same size as the red one, but obviously it came from a set with a different color scheme. My mom used these constantly for years, then gave them to me in the '90s, and I have used them constantly. Over time, Mom has put together another set. I should look for a red one to replace the olive green one, but, the olive green one works just fine.

  4. I have the same set as yours, but like Maria above, I assembled my set one bowl at a time. My mother has her original set from when she was married in 1956 and they are a darling pale pink. Here 50s kitchen was so cute with everything pink and gray. I prefer the brighter colors. I wish they made a solid red set!


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