Friday, October 30, 2009

Herman H. York Blueprints

A couple of weeks ago I featured a set of 1950s ranch house blue prints.  I have four sets of vintage 1950s blueprints, and today I would like to share the second set.  These plans were designed by the architect Herman H. York, and feature a 2 bedroom, one bath home.  Not a large house, not tiny, just an average 1950s American home.  I tried to do a little research on the architect.  I was able to locate an obituary from 1999, which I believe to be his.  You can view the obituary here.

Like the first set of plans that I posted, this house has also been built in town.  The first picture shows the house.  This is actually the house where the auction was at that I purchased the four sets of plans.  At the time of the auction the house was much more attractive, in my opinion.  It had a gray roof and the horizontal siding was all painted gray.  The vertical siding was white, and it still had it's original garage door.  It has sold a time or two since the auction where the original owner sold it, and by the looks of it, the new owners might not be giving it as much love as the elderly lady that lived there before.


  1. I had a listing a couple years ago by Herman York, which sold in 30 days. It was a modern ranch in great neighborhood but had a very nice wooded view and walkout basement. I didn't know he did just regular bungalows too. Interesting to see!

  2. Wow! I just happened to find this site while researching Herman York- as he designed the home I live in. I live in Canada and my home was built in 1958. The original owners brought him up to design their home. It is a stunning 2700 sq ft bungalow with a butterfly roof, floor to ceiling glass and walnut panelled walls. We restored it and kept 99% of the original details. Cool blog! I've bookmarked it. Let me know if you'd like to see pics of my house

  3. I have a York designed home in Ohio. It was built in 1973 and is about 2700 sq ft. plus a basment. I have all the blue prints there were some minor changes made to the home when it was built. The design number on the print is C-2246.

  4. I found 4 sets of blueprints by York in my attic, and they also are C-2246. The home is a dutch colonial type with a 2 car garage. If anyone would like the copies, I would be happy to give them away. My house is a 1930 tudor of which I have prints also, so finding these York prints is puzzling to me.


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