Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Influence of Television

Television must have influenced the households of the 1950s much like computers and the internet influence households today.  I have found it somewhat common to find television themed items at estate auctions.  I have two such television themed items to share today.  The first is this Tele-Vision Numechron clock.  These are quite plentiful, and if you check out the big auction website, you will find several of them listed for sale.  This is a predecessor to the digital clock.  The numbers are on wheels that spin around to change the time.  The little knob at the bottom of the front turn on a light inside.  It's neat to just watch it running, the way that the numbers change.


The second item that I have to share is just like one that Pam shared at Retro Renovation a couple of weeks ago.  This salt and pepper shaker set is great.  The shakers hide down inside the set when not in use.  When you need to use them, you turn the big "tuner" knob at the bottom of the set and the shakers rise up out of the set for you to use.  The shakers are very small and don't seem to be practical to me, but it makes for a very interesting set.  The first picture shows the set with the shakers inside, the second shows the set with the shakers up.  The big auction website has several of these listed as well.


  1. Television was both a blessing and a curse back in the day--a blessing because it brought the family together to watch favorite programs (and in my case, the entire NEIGHBORHOOD when Bonanza went color and we all went to watch it at the one house on the block with a color TV). A curse, though, since kids wanted to stay indoors and watch cartoons rather than play outside, although alot of Moms still blessed the TV as a part-time babysitter at a time when most moms stayed at home with the kids. I've been looking at the shakers-in-a-tv for quite awhile and may just have to find some, hopefully for cheap. They are so cute!

  2. I desperately want that salt and pepper shaker now! So cool!


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