Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Bathroom Inspiration

I have been digging through things trying to find my copy of this ad that I purchased off of eBay. Although the ad is 9 years older than my bathroom, the color of the sink is the same as my tub and toilet (and up until recently, my sink). I had already refinished my cabinets in red mahogany, and I was looking for a way to pull it all together when I found this ad. I am still in the process of finishing my bathroom. My plans are to paint the wood wainscoting gray, as the tile is in this ad (original plans called for new tile, but with the economy the way that it is, I am improvising and working with what I already have, which is pine bead board, which is not original). The top half of the walls will be light blue. I had to replace the original sink because it was rusting, so I found a nice new white sink from Kohler - not a vintage style, but I'm going for a little bit of an eclectic look. This sink sits in a new black granite tile countertop with aluminum trim from Schluter Systems. The bathroom has been an on-again, off-again project for nearly 2 years now. It all started with a leaky roof and the need to replace the ceiling drywall...isn't it amazing how one task like this can lead to a complete bathroom redo?

Here are some photos of the sink redo, almost finished.  I have almost all of the materials, now I just have to find time to make it all come together.  Oh the joys of do-it-yourself!


  1. Love the aluminum trim, and it's nice to see someone who's not afraid to have dark wood in the bath. Very nice!


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