Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunbeam Mixmaster

This is one of those things that I pieced together by pure accident.  A couple of years ago my next door neighbor passed away.  The family had several garage sales to clear out her possessions.  At one of those sales, I found the mixing bowl pictured on the mixer stand, and bought it.  It is my favorite everyday mixing bowl, especially since I rarely use my Pyrex set that I posted a while back.  Then at the same auction where I bought my Heywood-Wakefield bedroom set, I picked up the above mixer, complete with beaters and the original cookbook.  The only problem was that the original bowl was missing and it had a cheap plastic bowl in its place.  I got home and was looking through the book, and realized that I had the correct bowl for it in my cabinet.  I pulled it out, and sure enough, it was marked "Sunbeam" on the bottom.  This old mixer is missing a little paint, but it works great!


  1. That's a good one. A 7B if I am not mistaken.

  2. I just checked, and yes it is a 7B. Good eye Maria! The book that came with it is dated 1947, should have checked that before I wrote the post...oh well.

  3. I love old mixers. :o)

    I pulled a KitchenAid model 3B out of a Dumpster (the same Dumpster as that old cabinet radio, as a matter of fact). It works. I just need a bowl now and they are hard to find. The original bowl was in the Dumpster too, blown to smithereens.


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