Saturday, October 10, 2009

More City-Wide Garage Sale Finds

While out searching for great mid-century finds at the city-wide garage sale a couple of weeks ago, I happened across a sale where the owner had moved into her mother's house after her mother had died and was in the process of updating it.  The house is a nice mid-century ranch.  The current owner decided to put some of the things that they had removed from the house in the sale instead of trashing them.

The first thing that I found were these great light-switch surrounds.  There are just enough of them to do every light switch in my house, and all of them are the right sizes for what I need.  What are the chances of that happening?  I got all 7 pieces for a whopping 50 cents.  Once I get them cleaned up, they will really add to the mid-century look of the house.

At the same sale I found a typical two-bulb bedroom light with the square glass shade.  These are inexpensive and still made today.  What I liked about this one was the great pattern printed on it in white on the back and the fact that the shade has great texture on the outside, almost makes me think of a piece of hobnail glass.  I think that this might end up in the spare bedroom when I remove the ceiling fan, or it might just go into storage until I have the money saved up for the addition and then use it in a new room.  Anyway, for the large sum of $1 that I paid for it, I could let it sit in storage a long time and not feel bad about it.  I'll find a use for it someday!

The temperatures at night are getting into the 30's now and with all of the rain we have had over the past few days our local creek/river has filled up the flood plain.  I'm thinking that today might be a good day to be lazy and stay indoors with a good book!  Have a great Saturday!

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