Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be a Two Ford Family!

Today I'm sharing an ad for the 1956 Ford Victoria and Ranch Wagon.  While you're enjoying the beauty of the cars, check out that amazing kitchen!  Great wallpaper, two-tone metal base cabinets, and if I'm not mistaken, metal upper cabinets with either knotty pine doors, or metal doors made to look like knotty pine.

I get a feeling that since this advertisement features a woman, and is aimed at women, that it might have been a daytime advertisement, maybe during the soap operas.

Don't forget to check out the amazingly beautiful exterior of the house as well!  Forget the Fords, I'll take the house!


  1. Love the commercial, my mother had wallpaper that was almost the double of that in the video, in pink, turquoise, and brown designs on a white background. Coppertone appliances, pink kitchen cabinets with black strap hinges, and white countertops with gold flecking. We even had an aquarium built into the wall, sadly my mother got tired of cleaning it and filled it with fake fish and chlorinated water, lol.

  2. That's awesome! Haha- Ford's "lifeguard" design- wonder what that was?

    I went to an estate sale at a house that had cabinets like that. Too bad the house was already sold or I would've made them an offer!

  3. Great video, thanks. One thing I notice is, there isn't a sidewalk in front of that house. A lot of 50s suburbs in this part of the country (KY) are the same way. I guess sidewalks were considered something you only needed in the city, where you could walk to shops or jobs. But in the 'burbs, you jumped in your nifty Ford to get anywhere!

  4. Great commercial, great cars! And I love the exterior of that house. I can just envision my ranch wagon in pink and ivory. :)


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