Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mystery Man

Oh, if pictures could talk.  I wonder who this mystery man could be.  I found this ancient photo in with all those S & H Green Stamps that I got at that auction a little over a week ago.  Whoever he is, I'm sure that he was pretty proud of that truck that he's leaning up against.

It's always so interesting to dig though a box of stuff that you get an a sale.  You can find the most amazing things. 

So, what fantastic things have you come across after purchasing a bulk box at a sale?  I almost always get these boxes because there is one thing in there that I am interested in, and usually the things that are really interesting are the little "extras" that come in the box!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. The best ever was when I bought a box of marble 1930's fruit to sell to a customer, and there was a small Roman bust of a man in the box. I had it on a table for years, and when I sold it on eBay, it was bought (for a lot of money, after a lot of bidding) by a guy in California,who later confirmed it was 1st century Roman. I thought it had a good "look"!

  2. I always feel odd when I spy a box of old photos in a sale. You'd think a person or a person's family wouldn't want them 'hung out in public?" Call me old fashioned!

  3. This was the only old photo that I saw and the sale, and the previous owner was, sadly, the end of the line for that family. It's always sad to see a family die out, but things like this photo help it to live on in the future. I would imagine that the people conducting the auction didn't even know it was there, it was tucked in with a bunch of other stuff.


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