Monday, March 1, 2010

Mid-Century Sunroom and Kitchen

I was going through the book that I bought Saturday, and found so many great things to share.  I'm starting out today with this great picture of a sun room.  This picture instantly made me think of Pam at Retro Renovation and her knack for searching out mid-century advertisements and pictures with red geraniums in them.  Well, here we not only have red, but pink and white geraniums as well.  A very colorful and inviting room, for sure.  Although, I really don't care for the smell of geraniums, so I might be a little overwhelmed in this room.

This tiny kitchen makes me want to get a cup of hot chocolate and spend the day in it.  I love the colors and that wallpaper (which is shown in close-up detail at the right of the picture).  It is an incredibly small space, even smaller that the kitchen here at the shack, but it just feels so comfortable.  The butcher block to the right of the sink is a nice touch, but I would have a hard time with that little under-cabinet refrigerator.  The dark green and black tile floor...sigh...I want...

Here's the dining corner of the kitchen.  Note the great white radio on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.  The toaster is also on the bottom shelf with the toaster.  I can't help but feel it is out of the way for daily use, but it looks nice there.  I know that the stools were chosen to help add space in the small room, but I would have to find something with a back if it were my home.


  1. That kitchen would be the perfect size--you can just cook and twirl from one appliance to the next! I'm always amazed these days at how much I adore that green color, when all my mother could think about was getting rid of all her avocado green kitchen thingies so she could get them all in white. Oh, the things that went to the Goodwill. Aaaargh!

  2. Id love to have that red platner, Id use it as a TV stand! then pile everythign else on the other shelfs.


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