Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Shack

While I was in high school I played around with the idea of becoming an architect.  I loved sketching out house plans in my spare time, and had a stack of modest ranch house plans that I had designed for the average American.  Needless to say, that idea didn't pan out.  I have a great fear of cities, or at least having to live in a city.  This small town boy needed open spaces and no traffic headache.  What could I do?  I know!  I could be a teacher!  So, that's what I did.  I took after Grandma, who was a one room school house teacher at a school that used to stand around 15 miles from my house.  I took Grandma to the funeral of one of her former students last month, he was in his 70s and Grandma is 89.  I don't imagine she ever thought she would live long enough to attend her students' funeral.

Anyway, teaching allowed me to retain the small town life that I so desire.  I returned to my hometown after college, and bought the proverbial worst house in the best neighborhood.  I've been paying for that little move ever since.  I get one thing fixed and two more go wrong.  I will conquer this house though!  It will not get the best of me.

I still love playing around with house design programs, and I found a very simple program on the internet about a month ago and made the above floor plan of the Shack.  It's not completely accurate, the bathroom sink was stretched abnormally large to make it actually fill the space that my counter fills.  Still, you get the general idea of what the house is like.  The laundry closet in the hall houses the washing machine and the furnace, and the dryer sits next to the back door in the garage.  I dream of someday owning a house with a utility room where the washer and dryer actually sit next to each other...I hate having to bundle up in my coat or wrap up in a blanket to put the laundry in the dryer.


  1. "I get one thing fixed and two more go wrong." I know where you're coming from! When I first moved into the "Blanca" (It seems the more I talk about the house the shorter the names gets) I wanted to save up and have the houses floors leveled....HAHAHA yeah I could have bought a half acre, and built an exact replica of my place for what it would have cost so they just stay slanted. But I too have vowed to beat the house! Haha I think if Mr. Martin (the houses builder) could see it now he'd be amazed at how much iv done.

  2. I wondered if your home & mine had similar floorplans, just from looking at the exterior. They don't.

    It drives me nuts that my washer & dryer don't fit next to each other, although they're still in the same room.

    Great job on the layout, I've tried that in the past & gave up out of frustration!

  3. How easy it was to do your houseplan--so many floorplans just go all over the place. Back when yours was built they were thinking functionality. Well, except for having to put the dryer in the garage!

  4. The reason the dryer is in the garage is that when the house was built, it was built to only have a washing machine. The T posts from the clothesline are still in the back yard...and I want to get them functional again sometime. It would save a lot of money in the summer. When someone finally rented the house that wanted to have a dryer, they wired it up in the garage. At least they didn't put it in the dining room! :P


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