Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Successful Sunday

Am I the only person that just loves to bring home a box full of stuff like this from an estate sale to rummage through?  Sunday was a gorgeous day here in Southwest Missouri.  Beautiful sunny weather perfect for an auction.  At times I almost felt hot standing there.  As always, there were great things to look at, wonderful friends to visit with, and those few pieces that people paid an insanely high amount for...which is always great for the rest of us at the auction to talk about while waiting for our items to come up for bid.

How about we dig into this pile that I have pictured above?

This oil on canvas picture was the unloved step-child Sunday, nobody wanted it.  I felt like it was a really good picture and a very tranquil scene.  I got it for $3.

Two old blue suitcases, $2 each.  I love these things for storage.  I'm going to have to figure out a way to unlock the smaller one, I had to pry it open with a screwdriver, and there is no key inside.

Some of the unwanted stuff.  Most likely headed for the next garage sale.  I will probably keep the hole punch that you can see in its box in the cigar box.

A whole bunch of S & H Green Stamps and holders.  There is even a catalog from their Diamond Anniversary in 1956 showing all the wonderful things that you could order.  I'll have to scan it and share it with ya'll!  $2 for the green stamp stuff and the unwanted stuff in the picture above the green stamps.

This kitchen thermometer set was still in its original box.  The only thing missing is the refrigerator / freezer thermometer.  $5.

There were a few vintage tablecloths at the sale.  The rest were snatched up for prices well over $10 each, but this poor tablecloth must be related to the painting above.  Unwanted.  Unloved.  Now its mine!  $2.

I got a pile of four unwanted clocks for $1.50.  I'm planning on keeping the little white alarm clock on the bottom left and the white electric kitchen clock on the bottom right.  The two on top will be trying to find a new home at the garage sale.

I apologize for the lousy photo quality on this set.  These butterflies are chalkware pieces, and there is not a chip or scratch on any of them.  They are marked Miller Studios, copyright 1979.  $2 for the set of three.  White with gold detailing.

There was a whole bunch of clear glassware at the sale.  At every sale I go to that is run by this auction company, there are always a few things that people don't want, as I find at every sale, no matter which company.  What this company does different however, is put all the stuff that's left together and say something like "I'll take $2 for everything that's left to the first hand that goes up."  I've got to tell you, I've gotten a pretty quick hand since I caught on to this little deal.  Several of these pieces will end up in the garage sale as well, but the little shot glass mugs are marked with the Federal glass "F" inside the shield.  Not bad for $2.

Pyrex bowl, Anchor Hocking baking dish, and a green painted bowl with what looks like an "H" marking on the bottom.  $2.  I'll probably just keep the Pyrex bowl out of this group.  I got this the same way as a lot of my haul - unwanted and cheap.  $2.

Then, my weakness appeared, and I didn't do quite so well with my budget.  I use these old planters that I've been collecting for everything.  I keep travel sample soaps and shampoos in a large one in the bathroom so that I can quickly grab what I need before packing for a trip.  I use one to keep all of the things I take out of my pockets (keys, wallet, change).  I'm planning on using some in my kitchen cabinets to keep things like gravy mixes in and the like.  So when there were several at the sale, I picked out two that I really wanted, and two more that I would like to have if the price isn't too high, and went to work.  I only got two, the main two that I wanted, because I paid $11 each for them (bad Michael, BAD!).

I picked up the above pink planter which is marked California on the bottom.  I loved the little metal stand that it sits on.  I know that I can get planters cheaper on the big auction site, but then I have to pay for shipping, and so in my mind, I would still be paying more to get one that way.

I picked up this green planter for the same price as the pink one.  It too has the little metal base that I found so attractive on the pink one.  This one has a tiny little chip on the lip.

I pretty much paid as much for these two pieces as I paid for everything else combined.  Oh well, I have had a whole winter without an auction, and the fever had hit!  Relief!


  1. On your green H marked bowl is there an A between the "legs" of the H, for Hazel Atlas?

  2. I'm a sucker for planters and I love the ones with the metal holders. I'd say you had a great day!

  3. No better treat than a big box of auction stuff! You did great on the planters... they are awesome!

  4. Great planters, I dont usually go for pink, but I can totally justify $11 for you! Also I found where my "Ya'll's" have gone too, lol all this week I ahve been saying/ typing "you all" and then I find it in your post haha! Prehaps you should make a wall of planters, maybe put shelves up somewhere and use them as art?

  5. Adore the pink planter and the luggage what great condition those suitcases are. Looks as if they barely used them. Lovey finds!


  6. Maria, I just looked again, and the little A was there...I missed it before. I've never heard of Hazel Atlas. Now I have something else to research :)

  7. Don't forget to tell us when you throw your garage sale!! Stan

  8. "It's just a jump to the left...."


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