Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's DONE!!!!

Well, after two years of working on the project off and on, it's finally done (except for a few minor details).

It all started two years ago when I got curious as to what was behind the bead board next to the tub (on the wall by the door).  There's definitely something to the saying "curiosity killed the cat."  I was horrified to find that half of the wall was missing, and that the bead board had been put up on what little was left along with some plywood to make it sturdy.  It looked okay when it was all together, but it was hiding a disaster.  Years of water seepage from the shower had caused the wall to rot out.  The studs were gone on the lower half of the wall, hanging from the nails that kept them to the ceiling.  So this was the first project, rebuilding the wall.

Shortly after the roof started leaking over the bathroom and I got to have a whole new roof installed and have the bathroom ceiling replaced.  After getting these things fixed, I kind of lost some steam.

Then things picked back up last fall and I finally had purchased everything to finish the vanity, counter top, and sink.  Another six months passed, and I've finally had a warm day around 70 degrees (Friday) that I could begin to get the rest finished.  I won't mention the horrendous amount of snow and frigid temperatures (31 for the high) that came on Saturday.

I know that Thursday I shared that I had picked out two shades of gray and a shade of light blue to do the bathroom in, with the blue on the upper wall, and the light gray on the bead board.  Well, then Pam showed that colorful bathroom on Retro Renovation and it got me thinking.  Mom still had almost a full gallon of "Friendly Turquoise" from when we painted my old room at my parent's house (which I'll have to share sometime - the Heywood Wakefield bedroom set looks amazing in there), and I switched things up.  Instead of blue, I went with the turquoise.  Instead of turquoise on top, I put it on bottom like the turquoise tile in Pam's post.  That meant that the gray would go on top.

Here's another view from the doorway.  I have shades up, but I still need to get curtains up.  I'm thinking I'm just going to do a simple black valance to coordinate with the counter.  I also still need to hang up the artwork above the toilet.

I replaced almost all of the bead board on this wall.  No more hole in the drywall!  If you look at the bottom of the cabinet, you can see that I still need to get it finished next to the floor.

The new shower curtain and the little closet behind the tub.  This is where the wall was rotted out.  Here I still need to finish the woodwork in the mahogany finish and hang the cabinet door on the bottom.  I'm going to hang a small black curtain on the top part to hide the open shelving.

Finally, I have a new floor!  The old stuff was awful cheap stuff that was installed just so that it would look good enough to sell the house.  I cut and installed this floor myself.  I'm pretty proud of the end result!  The vinyl was purchased on clearance from Owen Carpet last Fall.

Now, I'm going to take a couple of months to recuperate from this project before tackling the next room.  My back and my knees are killing me!  I can't decide if the next project will be the kitchen or my bedroom.  The kitchen requires some cabinet refinishing and installing vinyl that matches the bathroom.  The bedroom needs a couple of walls of drywall replaced and some extra electrical outlets installed (2 outlets in a 12 x 14 room isn't enough!).  Either way, there's still a lot of work to do here at the Shack!

Have a great Sunday, I'm going to have to shovel the snow so I can get out!


  1. Great work! That paint choice really looks good.

  2. FANTASTIC! I really like how the Turquoise and Grey turned out. Its funny, because when I saw the first picture I was like 'That kinda looks like that turquoise and burgandy Bathroom at Pam's" LOL. You Did a Great job with the floors and the whole room just looks great! Kudos you :)

  3. That looks so great & makes me want to take some turquoise paint to my bathroom walls right NOW.
    Great job!

  4. Love the turquoise and gray together!

  5. Looks great - and congratulations on completing the 2 year project - we all know how that goes! Can I make a suggestion? How about buying a second shower curtain, same pattern, and cutting a piece to make a valence for the window. Like, just to cover the shade. I bet you could even do this no-sew. Anyway -- great job! Go Michael!

  6. Will you please come over and finish my projects, too? You're awesome!!

  7. Thanks everyone!

    Pam - thanks for the idea - I think that I'll order a new one and not only make a valance out of it, but also a curtain for the open shelving next to the tub.

    Um, sorry Christine, but this handyman is on vacation! LOL!

  8. Wow, you really put a lot of work into that room! It looks fantastic! Great job! I love "nooks and crannies"!


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