Monday, March 8, 2010


I have found it!  Finally!  I have been searching Grandma's house for this for quite a while.  She knew that she still had it, she just wasn't sure where.  I had looked all over her house this winter.  Yesterday Mom suggested I check Grandma's shed, and as I walked out onto the deck, there it was, sitting on the deck under one of the patio chairs.

This vintage Hull planter dates from the early 1950s.  It was a gift to my grandfather from a local business when he opened his own business, an auto repair shop.  Needless to say, the the planter outlasted the shop.  I'm not sure why the shop failed, but my guess would be, knowing my grandfather, that he helped anyone that came through the doors, whether they could pay or not.  Now, I have no problem with this, more Americans should be this way, but when you get too many people who can't pay, you have a problem.  Again, I'm not saying this is for certain why the shop didn't work out, but I think it is.

Grandma told me that the planter came with a Dieffenbachia planted in it.  I think I'll have to get another to plant in it now.

As you can see, it is almost 9 inches tall, and it's around 10 to 11 inches wide.  The black finish with the gray drip at the top is amazing.  There is only one thing wrong with it.  At one point Grandma wanted a drain hole in the bottom, so Granddad drilled one in it.  He did a good job and it didn't crack, but there is a hole in the bottom.  I can live with the hole, I'll just get one of those saucer things to go under it to catch the extra water.

I have never come across another like this, and I was almost dancing for joy yesterday when I found it.  I can't wait to get it cleaned up and have a new plant in it!


  1. very cool! I love the shape and design around the rim!

  2. When I saw the little picture next to your blog title on my BlogARamaLamaDingDong list I thought it was one of Mick's melted album bowls, but oh no indeedy--it's a beautiful gorgeous breathtaking Hull planter. I'm so glad you're actually going to use it, too--a dieffenbachia would look wonderful in it.

  3. Thats Awesome! I htink my grandmother might have one like that but its smaller with brown and green. as we move into the spring/ summer Months... I do belive the Shack needs some vintage lawn chairs! Maybe a glider bench?

  4. That's very special! I'm so glad you found it... and that you can bring it new life with your memories of its history. Doesn't get better than that!

  5. oh Mick, I thought of those long before now - I have quite a growing collection of vintage metal lawn furniture. I'll share them sometime.


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