Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hamilton Beach Mystery Machine

Okay, I found this Hamilton Beach model 1MPU at my favorite little junk shop.  It's an electric meat grinder, salad maker, and can opener.  It does it all!  Best of all, the parts are all there and it works!  I do need to fix the cord, it has a place right next to where it goes into the white base unit where the wire is showing.  I'll most likely just cut it off and rewire the cord.  Out of curiosity, I looked these up on eBay.  Wow, what a find!  There was one on eBay last I looked that they were asking $70 for.  The finish on the base unit isn't perfect, but wow, even with taking off for the paint nicks, it's still worth a decent amount.  My favorite part?  I got it for $3!


  1. Good find. But, mostly what I like about the photo is it shows a closeup of your new bathroom floor. I love it. You did a great job on the bathroom.

  2. Dont you just love it when that happens?!

  3. I just discovered one of these in the items left to me by my mother. It's in pristine condition because my father double bagged it to protect it from the humidity in the basement. I've turned it on and it runs great. But, no user manual. I don't know which blade does what, although I did figure out how to put it together. One blade has tiny little holes and the other one has larger triangular openings. Does your user manual say what these are for? I want to grind meat with this one.


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