Thursday, March 4, 2010

Treasure Hunting

I've been to a couple of different shops this week, mainly because it has been so stressful at work, and its going to be that way until the end of next week.  Yesterday I visited the "Faithful Peddler" Antique Mall.  Prices at this place are always ridiculously high (in my opinion).  They have some great stuff, but I usually just go to window shop.  I walked in and saw this stove.  I looked it over, and it's in pretty good shape.  Price? $249.  I'm thinking that maybe my search is over.  It's a Premier, and it has all the paperwork with it.  The paperwork says Robertshaw.  Now, I need a 40 inch range that is no higher than 47" in the back panel due to the way the half wall was built behind the stove (there is a built in shelf that comes out a few inches over the stove).  The guy that owns the store had a tape measure that I could borrow, so first I checked the height - 45 1/2 inches.  At this point I'm thinking "jackpot!"  But something doesn't seem quite right, so I measure the width - 36 inches.  Crud.  Well, it will look nice in someone's house.

Then I found one of the coolest TV lights that I have ever seen.  Mick, this is the one for you!  Of course, you're going to pay a lot for that little lady and her kitty!  The price on her was $75.  Well, at least I can enjoy looking at the picture of her, because that's the closest she's going to get to coming inside this house!  I do really like the gold and off-white scheme though.  Kind of refreshing after all those black panthers I've been looking at.  This sums up yesterday's journey - next, Tuesday's journey!

Tuesday was the day for hitting the junk shop.  I had a good feeling when this old Bissell sweeper was sitting outside the door with a $1.99 price tag.  The pink and black is great.  I used to have one of these just like this, but I have no idea what happened to it.  It's been years since I last saw it.  I also had one in turquoise.  I'm sure the turquoise one is hiding with my other pink one.  I think I may take this to school to use in my classroom.  It has that industrial type low pile carpet in it and this would be great for cleaning up little messes.

Here's a closer view of the sweeper.  It's a Perfection by Bissell.

Finally I found a West Bend Penguin Hot and Cold Server.  Or, at least, I found the bottom.  No lid.  I've been passing this up for at least a month now because it doesn't have a lid, but this time it was just begging to come home with me.  It has the bakelite handles on it and it's in really good condition, I just wish that it had the lid!  I'm thinking that a house plant might look good in it since it really isn't any good for it's intended purpose any more.  I'll never find a lid for it without having to buy another whole server.  It was a whopping whole dollar.  I'm the last of the big spenders!  LOL!

Well, that completes my adventures for this week.  I'm really looking forward to this Sunday.  There is an estate sale (auction) here in town, and I have the auction fever BAD!!!  Just as a general note for future reference, around here estate auctions are called estate sales, so if you find me referring to one in a post as an estate sale, you'll know what I mean.  We don't really have the other type of estate sale around here.

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Ya know, 4 inches isnt THAT big of a space! When I got my stove, I measured in the store then went to the lake and drew where it would go on the floor with chalk. I SWEAR that thing has grown haha or iv adjusted! THAT TV LAMP WOW! Im with you, $75 is WAYYYYYYY to much! Hope your stressful week gets better! Im looking forward to fridays Movie!

  2. Too bad about the stove, but you'll find the perfect one sooner or later. I can't believe the price on that TV lamp--I occasionally spend too much on something I want but I would NEVER pay that, even with the gratuitous 10% discount you have to ask for (at least that's the deal around here). The DAY AFTER you posted about the charcoal casserole, danged if I didn't unearth one at an antique mall--I didn't get quite the deal you did but it was half off so I think I paid about $3 for it. Good luck at the estate sale!

  3. Hey, I'm pretty sure this store I know still has a penquin ice bucket. Want me to look for you?

  4. Oh, I am so drooling over that stove! Too bad it's gas or I might have to take a road trip!


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