Saturday, March 13, 2010

TV Lamp Lovin'

Some great TV lamps listed on the big auction site right now!

Please note: I am not affiliated with eBay or the sellers of the products shown above.  I do not receive any financial gain for sharing them with you.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. You Know Im A fan of the Panther and the Drama Masks! These are really great, I like the horse one with the white rick-rack stiched lamp shade.

  2. Aren't TV lamps the greatest?! One of ours is of a Collie with two fiberglass panels behind it. They just put off such a nice glow. We also have one that's made to look like an old console TV. One side of it is a glass brick that has a mountain scene in the background (supposed to look like a tv screen), and you're supposed to put water and a fish in it. However, my cats would eat the fish.


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