Monday, March 22, 2010

I Think I May Have Found It!

I have found a Tappan Deluxe stove that I think will finally make it's way into the Shack.  I've been conversing with the owner through email, and he's been cleaning it up and sending me some pictures of it.  I think the asking price of $200 is okay, although it needs a new oven safety valve, or at least to have the current one overhauled.  This will be a pricey fix, so the stove will probably sit in the garage for a little while until I get it all fixed.  It also needs to have the drip pans re-chromed.  It is supposedly a 1958 model, although it looks more like a 1948 model to me.  Supposedly the original owner purchased it new from a display at the 1957 Missouri State Fair, and had to wait for the fair to end before taking possession of it.

I must say, whatever year it is, it is in beautiful condition!  If I get it, (I'm still waiting on a couple of final pictures from the owner) I will share pictures with y'all as soon as I get it!

It even still has the original owner's guide!

If you enlarge the photo of the back, you will see that it reads "Form 1040D 1-56."  I'm wondering if this indicates that it was revised January of 1956?  If so, then this stove may actually be from 1957 or 1958.  I still think that it is most likely early to mid 1950s though.  This style just doesn't match the style in the ads I've seen for late 1950s appliances.  Oh well, it doesn't have to be 1958 correct for my house.  I like it, and that's really the important part in the end.

Here's hoping that this works out well!


  1. AMAZING! I really hope this makes it to the shack, Love the lines, the curves, and it looks practically MINT! and for $200 = STEAL!

  2. Oh I hope you get it, then I can live vicariously through you! I would love to have a vintage stove in my kitchen, even though I hate to cook!

  3. Does the Clock on the Back splash work? Those can be tircky to get fixed. The Clock on my 1954 stove is always on 12:30 because its broken and they dont make the parts for them anymore.

  4. Mick - I'm not sure on the clock. I don't have an electrical hookup where the stove goes, so I'm not too worried about it. I did contact the seller this morning after he sent me more pictures late last night and told him that I would take it. He's even going to deliver it to me! Can't wait to get it here!

  5. Great looking stove, and it's gas -- that's good for you. We used to have a 1959 GE stove that looked a lot like yours, that we found for just $50 at the Habitat for Humanity store. It looked great, but, it was electric, and we wanted a gas stove. So, we got a newer gas stove. We have ice storms here that knock out electricity and then we can't cook. You will have a great looking stove that will still work when the lights go out!

  6. We are awaiting our 1949 Chambers yellow range to come back from the hospital. Just and FYI- There is a stove hospital in Tulsa that has been here since 1935. Great work, but a little slow. If you need service, it might be worth it


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